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My plans for today…………

were to cook dinner, bake a cake and possibly make some cards. That’s a No, No, and thrice No. I have got a new cooker, honest. See? But I haven’t used any bit of it yet! I woke up this … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in the kitchen…………..

Our gas man came this morning as promised to disconnect the gas hob and cap off the pipe. Photo: The hob still in place after removal of the built in oven. Hubby has now cut the worktop back and put … Continue reading

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We’re on a roll……………..

Well,  we’ve had another ‘quiet day’ (not) and the new cooker comes on the 20th. I don’t need timers or flashy gizmos, I want to cook on it, not ride it to the moon, so armed with a list of … Continue reading

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Open and shut case

The recent heavy wind has played havoc with our gate, which sadly had one slam too many and started to fall apart. Hubby is not one to put new to old in the repair line if he can help it, … Continue reading

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A Left handed Screwdriver

I blame my blogger friend Michael for this, whose post below triggered a referral to one of mine The comments that followed on my post are reminiscent of our Dads who, as it turns out, were both in the … Continue reading

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Weights, measures, tins and glue

Hubby is building a boat. Not a narrow boat like we used to have, but a model boat to play with putter on the park lake, which is naturally, a boating lake. We shall ignore the ‘Privately owned boats not … Continue reading

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It’s at times like this that we miss the boat. On the marina, we didn’t have fence panels to worry about, grass to mow, or gutters to keep clean and clear. Hubby could simply stretch across the 3 feet five … Continue reading

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