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Hubby’s Man Cave

It’s said that “Every man’s home is his castle”. And I’ve heard “A woman’s place is in the home “or some believe in the kitchen (don’t shout! This is not a sexist or equality post!) However, the latest thing a … Continue reading

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No brasso or brown sauce, what next?

Hubby is a font of knowledge for making do, alternatives, and thinking outside the box (why else would we have bought a boat three years ago when house prices got away from us but I digress). Photo: in our original … Continue reading

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One of those days……….

It started off pretty much as normal, with Hubby awake just after five in desperate need of a drink. This cold/flu or whatever bug it was has certainly taken it out of him as he has had it way worse … Continue reading

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October 7th, all caught up

Finally I am up to date with my diary of events since being off the air. Today has been another ‘it don’t work’ day, this time the shower. There are isolator switches on most of the water supply pipes here … Continue reading

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Queueing up to visit?

It’s a small world. We are discovering several of the people we have become friendly with, and not just in the boating world, have friends or family in Lincolnshire! When we sold our bungalow in Poole in 2007, we were … Continue reading

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Deja Vu Property Two

It was like travelling back ten years, only this time it was one with a licence. One of the lesser reasons for selling the cottage three years ago was the village hall directly next door. It was used for school … Continue reading

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You’re never too old for a new beginning…………..

Forty years ago today my Dad walked me up the aisle to my first husband. We had purchased a modest but new two bedroom end of terrace property, and like all newlyweds were looking forward to making it into a … Continue reading

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