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Whispering Grass

We decided to have a field trip to Skegness today as it was way too nice to stay in. The beach road was deserted, and we had the windows open so that a gentle breeze cooled us as we travelled. … Continue reading

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Held them to a draw

We were playing the league leaders tonight and the final score was 7 points each. The games were evenly matched with some high scores on both sides, and I actually got a winning double! Yay!!! The practice Hubby and I … Continue reading

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Twosome Tuesday!

Darts tonight, and we’re playing at home. We’re also carrying out a little experiment. Hubby is coming up with me and we’re going early in the hope of having a couple of games before the rest of the team arrive. … Continue reading

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How do you like it……….. filled or naked?

We’ve had rain for more than twenty four hours and it’s wonderful. The roses have recovered and their cindered petals fallen off with new growth coming. The grass is beginning to revert to green, pavements are cooling, the dog isn’t … Continue reading

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Charity Day on the Prom

We walked Maggie up to town along the prom this morning as it was a charity celebration from 10 am to 4 pm. Getting up late (naughty but nice, and boy I needed it) we didn’t get there until 11 … Continue reading

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Movie Watch

I woke up with an idea this morning and thought it would be a good subject for a post. It stemmed from something I read a couple of days ago about books. I don’t read a fraction of the books … Continue reading

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A day in my life

How does your day start? Or should I ask when? Is it when you get up in the morning, or in the early hours when someone, or something, gets you up? We had a relatively early night last night, but … Continue reading

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