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Twosome Tuesday!

Darts tonight, and we’re playing at home. We’re also carrying out a little experiment. Hubby is coming up with me and we’re going early in the hope of having a couple of games before the rest of the team arrive. … Continue reading

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Oh please, No.

We’ve been without a TV for over 11 years now, and whilst it is a novelty to watch someone else’s when we’ve been visiting, what I read today has made me even more adamant and determined not to have one. … Continue reading

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He’s at it Again

You can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with family. Just when you thought Thomas Markle had finally got the message,  up he pops in the media again today (link) and (link). Some of it had already been reported, but … Continue reading

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Charity Day on the Prom

We walked Maggie up to town along the prom this morning as it was a charity celebration from 10 am to 4 pm. Getting up late (naughty but nice, and boy I needed it) we didn’t get there until 11 … Continue reading

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Splish Splash, taking a bath

I’ve just got back from walking Maggie. It’s another beautiful day but with a temperature I can cope with as there is a lovely breeze. Usual route this morning, and I was out for about half an hour. There was … Continue reading

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Warning: Too hot leads to Hot Dogs

One of the many things about dog ownership is regular exercise. In this heat, we have been staying indoors during the day and walking Maggie first thing in the morning then again before we go to bed because it’s been … Continue reading

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Dogs, pianos, candles and windows.

When we were in Boston this morning, we saw some old friends, got the required socks, had a cup of tea and then went into The Stump to light candles for the two Dads and my Mum. There’s an entry … Continue reading

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