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Saturday; 4th July

Happy Independence Day to my friends and readers across the pond, and a Happy Birthday to Other Brother who is 78 today. I posted his card earlier in the week so it should have been received by now. We sort … Continue reading

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Fishy in a dishy is in the bin-y

I was looking forward to my fish today as I don’t have it very often because it attracts a whopping 8½ syns being in breadcrumbs (in batter, which we don’t have anyway, is 9½). I put a sprig of mint … Continue reading

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Friday 3rd July

Just made it to morning after a bad night with Maggie. Not that she was poorly, but it was so hot and stuffy, even with the windows slightly open, she was panting. I let her out at 3.15 and she … Continue reading

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We went Shopping Today

The plan was to get into town early before the rush, so we left home at 7.45, stopping off for a potty break for Maggie. We arrived at our first shop at 8.20. Plenty of places to park, no queues … Continue reading

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Further update on The Nose post……………..

One stick wonder, and Hubby took the dog for a walk  to get some fresher air. When he came back he said ‘You can really smell that now. Er, it’s a bit strong.’ The dog turned tail and stayed in … Continue reading

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The Nose Has It

Maggie could win gold in any Olympic sniffathon, and taking her for a walk can be slow and laborious as she has to find the exact blade of grass of the exact length before she graces it with a pee … Continue reading

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Today is Tuesday, June 30th

Last day of June, and a full half year over. If I was working, we’d be getting ready not just for monthend reporting, but also a quarter and half year end with several additional reports. My job was fantastic as … Continue reading

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Not a bad day after all

After the disappointing start,  the day hasn’t turned out too badly. While Hubby was outside working in the garden, I got into housework. Not only did I hoover, but I dusted AND polished, so the house smells nice and fresh. … Continue reading

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Today is Monday, 29th June

and I have failed. Despite efforts to lose that gained weight, I am out of target. And gutted. I am taking a break from reporting my weight this week (read cheating/giving myself breathing space) in the hope of getting it … Continue reading

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It is now the early evening of Sunday 28th June

Finally I am sitting down to my blog. All is good and we’ve had a productive day, Hubby being out in the garden extending our veg patch and me card making. I posted my SLS choice early, and my intention … Continue reading

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