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Want to pay? Well you can’t.

There are times when I despair, when the ‘Ah’ moment is not one of relief but one of blatant frustration. Such was today. Cast your minds back to pre-moving day and my courtesy call to the energy company to advise … Continue reading

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The bells! The bells!

You may remember that Hubby wasn’t happy for me to use the oven here until he had serviced it and fixed a loose knob. That was all done a little while ago, and today I got to test drive the … Continue reading

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Wishy washy, all dry

We were lucky in that the previous home owners decided to leave us the washing machine in the kitchen. It saved us about two hundred pounds, which as things turned out, has been a bit of a life saver in … Continue reading

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It rains here too!

It’s raining. Hard. Heavy. The fat stuff. Had we purchased the bungalow in the road closer to the town, we would have a big pond outside the front door, and every time someone drove past, our car would have got … Continue reading

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One of those days……….

It started off pretty much as normal, with Hubby awake just after five in desperate need of a drink. This cold/flu or whatever bug it was has certainly taken it out of him as he has had it way worse … Continue reading

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Just passing by………………

Sometimes when you’re not particularly looking for something, an opportunity presents itself which is worth investigating. Yesterday, Hubby attacked our packing crates, and a lot of the linens and clothes were a little stale. It meant washing a few things … Continue reading

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October 7th, all caught up

Finally I am up to date with my diary of events since being off the air. Today has been another ‘it don’t work’ day, this time the shower. There are isolator switches on most of the water supply pipes here … Continue reading

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