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Waking thoughts……………

I woke up this morning with some rather odd thoughts going through my head. This was to do with clothes and the effect other people’s opinions have on our choices. I’m not talking about spouses lying through their teeth when … Continue reading

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Can’t get rid of it

We all have at least one don’t we. That special item of clothing that is just so very ‘us’, loved to pieces, brings a sense of comfort and well being, and is totally worn out. I wrote this about my … Continue reading

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Feeling Good!

I woke up the other day and felt thin. This might seem a little weird to many of you, but despite the recent weight loss, I haven’t really noticed a difference in my body shape. My clothes fit OK, a … Continue reading

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Duffel or Donkey

I bought Hubby a couple of puzzle books as part of our £10 dash at Christmas, and have to say they are somewhat of a disappointment. My own fault, I should have looked more closely, as instead of the anticipated … Continue reading

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In my teenage years (yeah, a long time ago now) the rage was to buy a pair of jeans then get in the bath wearing them so that they’d shrink to fit your shape. I passed on that as I … Continue reading

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Picture Knits

Speaking of Hubby tying bows in Mum’s yarn as she knitted makes me remember just how many jumpers, cardigans and matinée sets for babies she must have knitted over the years. If anyone was expecting a baby, be it family … Continue reading

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Wishy washy, all dry

We were lucky in that the previous home owners decided to leave us the washing machine in the kitchen. It saved us about two hundred pounds, which as things turned out, has been a bit of a life saver in … Continue reading

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High Street Parade

I’ve finally got round to sorting out the photographs I took of the medieval parade last Sunday. With over a hundred to choose from, the atmosphere of the day came across really well. The support of those in fancy dress … Continue reading

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What’s in a Number?

I got my card box out today but couldn’t settle and my experiment wasn’t coming together very well, so Hubby suggested we go out for a drive. Maggie was quite content to come, and it’s been much cooler today so … Continue reading

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Coats of Many Colours

Hubby loves Dolly Parton’s classic song Coat of Many Colours. Walking the dog this morning in the snow (I kid you not) got me thinking of coats I have worn since a child. My earliest memory is a ‘camel coat’, … Continue reading

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