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Double your money………….. aka tax.

In October 2015, a charge of 5p was imposed on plastic carrier bags supplied by major retailers in the UK, although Wales had already implemented this charge the year before. The idea was that the money raised from the sale … Continue reading

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How suite thou art

Not that many years ago, TV commercials were full of sofas and settees at discount prices. I’ve already posted about our corner suite and the fun I had buying that, but now that we are on the lookout for a … Continue reading

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Twosome Tuesday!

Darts tonight, and we’re playing at home. We’re also carrying out a little experiment. Hubby is coming up with me and we’re going early in the hope of having a couple of games before the rest of the team arrive. … Continue reading

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Going potty

Yeah, I know, old and knackered. It comes to us all. Half of our plans for yesterday came about, but the curtain pole is still in the roof and the curtains in their packaging. No matter, Hubby did some work … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Prompt “Take a Walk”

Today it is all about writing from a different point of view. Possibilities A different income bracket A different level of fame/influence A different profession A different age group A different gender A different species A different culture or religion … Continue reading

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A Stripper with sticky fingers

Sounds like a kleptomaniac in a nightclub doesn’t it. Not really. It’s me. Photo taken May 27 2018 Today we moved everything moveable in the bedroom to give us the maximum space and access to the offending wall so that … Continue reading

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Interesting times……….

I’m having a touch of deja vu, having received a letter from my building society on Friday informing me that the pittance interest rate on my savings account is being reduced to 0.50%  as from June 1st. Hang on, we’re … Continue reading

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