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Shopping for Isolation

Hubby found an interesting recommended shopping list for those having to self isolate for two weeks. From what he read out, most of it were things we either don’t like or never buy and I think it would have made … Continue reading

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Shopping post Brexit

I haven’t done a major shop yet since the UK left the EU on January 31st, just basic week to week top ups, and to be honest, so far I haven’t seen that much of a change in prices. I … Continue reading

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Cleansed, but empty

You may remember last year my posts about the lake being drained and cleaned. The bales of hay had been left at one end to soak up the sludge as pushed towards them by the bobcats, though the ducks and … Continue reading

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Meat free dinners

Each week, I try to do at least one meal that is meat free. I got into this habit years ago because I felt we were actually eating too much meat, and it was also a way of saving a … Continue reading

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2019 Budget compared to actual expenditure

Being a number cruncher it will come as no surprise that I also wear the hat of Money Manager, and as such, prepare a budget for us every year. As things work out, I am usually a year in advance, … Continue reading

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What happens next?

My surgery isn’t that far away now and Dick The Shit will soon be consigned to the incinerator trash where he belongs.  I’m being injected with a blue dye again so Smurf SWMBO has been resurrected and I shall be … Continue reading

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Getting old

I was brushing my hair the other day and noticed some rather wider grey ‘Vogue’ streaks. My hair has always been dark and in later years peppered, but this was the first time in ages I’d actually really looked! So … Continue reading

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Meet Dick

Dick is Humphrey’s cousin, and I hate him. I’ve come up with calling him Dick as some men I know called Dick are right tits (which is where he’s hiding) and it’s playing on DCIS, the type of cancer I … Continue reading

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Energy bust!

Waiting for me in my email box today was a message from our energy supplier confirming our product changes, you know the usual blurb about checking the new contract tariff details, commencement date, small print and monthly payments. Everything was … Continue reading

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Community Spirit

I was born in a council house and there were quite a few young families on our estate and in our road. Next door there were 6 children, three older and three younger than me, three doors up there were … Continue reading

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