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This time last year

We were just getting over Easter and making final preparations for our last trip on the boat. It’s so hard to believe it’s twelve months ago that we left Maggie with MSM and set off, allowing ourselves 10 days to … Continue reading

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Back on the Menu

It started off as a good day, beautiful sunshine and we’d both slept pretty well. We even remembered to check the roads for possible hold ups, and allowed ourselves an extra half an hour for the trip as the main … Continue reading

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All in the angle

We’ve had some lovely, if chilly, walks along the beach over the last few days, and I’ve said before that no two days have been the same. It’s been a sunny day today but the sea was sporting a Jekyll … Continue reading

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Weather chasing

We knew there would be a change in the weather today and the plan was to leave MOH early so as to hopefully beat it home. There were two bands of rain running parallel down the country, we would hit … Continue reading

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When one pound costs five.

Those of us in the UK will know that the Royal Mint has replaced our round pound coins with a super duper version resembling the old threepenny bit.    As from Oct 15th, the round coins ceased to be legal … Continue reading

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Want to pay? Well you can’t.

There are times when I despair, when the ‘Ah’ moment is not one of relief but one of blatant frustration. Such was today. Cast your minds back to pre-moving day and my courtesy call to the energy company to advise … Continue reading

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Walking the route

We have decided to explore our new surroundings on foot to identify the little shortcuts, road layouts, doggie routes, doggy bins, and places to eat so that people will get used to seeing us around. It’s what we did before … Continue reading

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