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Lounge Pictures!

I promised to take some pictures of the lounge when finished, so here they are. To recap, this is how we were:

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Changes are afoot………. or ahead

I’ve noticed for quite a while that some challenges are disappearing, for example Tale Weaver, First Line Friday, Six Word Story Prompt, Monday’s Wordle, and Sunday Photo Prompt to name just a few. I miss them, but not volunteering to … Continue reading

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We’re back!

Written Monday 11th April We were supposed to go live today 11th April, except we didn’t. What a joke and I hope this is not a sign of things to come as we are signed on for 2 years at … Continue reading

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Today was Friday 11th March

It is after 8pm and I do not want another day like this. I have spent over three hours this afternoon on various holds trying to get through to our broadband provider. Let me backtrack to this morning, when I … Continue reading

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Some you win…………..

I wasn’t worried about my diabetes check up today, and if anything was looking forward to my blood test results to see how things were going. Ah……………… I went in with my check list as I like to keep my … Continue reading

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Shopping comparisons

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but a lot of that is because the way we shop has changed since Hubby’s op in 2020 and then Covid took hold so I am now doing a bulk shop … Continue reading

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Twenty Four Hours later: 7th November

We are all back together after our Bug-Out exercise yesterday and this afternoon walked up to the prom to see what damage may have been done. We were pleased, and relieved, to see no evidence of the sea defenses being … Continue reading

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Energy in your pocket: Just a thought

According to Ofgem, the UK average dual fuel bill is £1,131 a year, that’s £94.35 a month, which equates to nearly 4% of the average UK household budget. If you live alone or there’s only two of you in a … Continue reading

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Foo-bored: a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
No, this is not a type error or case of dyslexia. This is about FOOD BOREDOM  I suppose school dinners could be blamed for some of it. I mean we had mash, boiled and roast potatoes…

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Today is Friday 23rd July

Late accessing my blog today because we stupidly decided to go shopping! No, we were not joining those who panic buy, but having read that 1 in 3 petrol stations were having problems with delivery and due to have an … Continue reading

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