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Start the day well………………..

He’s coming home! I had a call at 8.15 to say he was just leaving the hospital. Apparently the Doc had rung him to ask if he could get to the hospital early as he was going to be ‘a … Continue reading

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In Other Words, handmade…

Handmade, painstakingly. Fingers gnarled and bent. Made with love, heartbreakingly, Through the post sent Just for you. Mum’s last birthday card May 2017 Written for

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The day so far

He’s concentrating……………. the brow is furrowed, the pen is dangling from the corner of the mouth and his eye brows are almost touching behind his glasses. But I’ll come back to that. Into town some 17 miles away first thing … Continue reading

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I ran out!

This is a first, me running out of cards., well Christmas ones anyway. I hadn’t made Hubby’s yet so I wanted to do that and he wanted to make one for me, so we retired to opposite ends of the … Continue reading

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Finally got the kit out!

I’ve been meaning to make some cards for the last few days but other things have taken priority, and I think most of us would agree it’s much nicer to get out and enjoy the sunshine before the weather really … Continue reading

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A bit of old fashioned contact

I wrote a couple of letters today, you know, the old fashioned variety with pen and paper (well, pretty card), envelope and a stamp. I keep in contact with a lot of people via email, text messages, and the odd … Continue reading

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Darts and craft…………………..

Just a quickie: I made some cards this afternoon to top up my box. Nothing very exciting, but I fancied doing some. Apart from the one top left which was a simple throw together, they were all decoupage kits from … Continue reading

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