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Top Brand or Substitute?

Designer clothes are one thing but some people will only use the Top Brands of household items. Personally I don’t care where I buy my groceries or toiletries as long as I get value for money and flavour accordingly for … Continue reading

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The Table, The Whole Table, and Nothing but the Table

Hubby has finished varnishing our table. This was how it looked in the spare room shortly after we got it home. It had been a game getting it in the car that day though as it didn’t come apart, and … Continue reading

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No brasso or brown sauce, what next?

Hubby is a font of knowledge for making do, alternatives, and thinking outside the box (why else would we have bought a boat three years ago when house prices got away from us but I digress). Photo: in our original … Continue reading

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Just passing by………………

Sometimes when you’re not particularly looking for something, an opportunity presents itself which is worth investigating. Yesterday, Hubby attacked our packing crates, and a lot of the linens and clothes were a little stale. It meant washing a few things … Continue reading

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October 7th, all caught up

Finally I am up to date with my diary of events since being off the air. Today has been another ‘it don’t work’ day, this time the shower. There are isolator switches on most of the water supply pipes here … Continue reading

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Time Lapse

All good things must come to an end, or they simply run out and expire. I haven’t been to a SW meeting for several weeks, and when I signed on to their website, I’d forgotten my password and had to … Continue reading

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Debt Spiral, yours or not?

As I sit here with the TV on, watching the adverts interspersed with an occasional programme, I am amazed at how the viewer is being bombarded with credit card applications, quick fix loans, and a variety of funeral plans. Personally, … Continue reading

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