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Three Things Challenge #M324

Welcome to the daily Three Things Challenge! Use your imagination and creativity using one, two or all three words that may or may not be related. There are no restrictions regarding length, style, or genre, though please keep it family … Continue reading

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Compromise, swings and roundabouts.

Once again shopping is very much a hit and miss affair insomuch as a lot of stuff is missing off the shelves and what there is takes a serious hit at your purse strings. Hubby and I have to set … Continue reading

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What a Tenner will buy you

I am trying a new strategy with my food shopping and as well as taking a list, also trying to keep to a budget. I took ten pounds out of the hole in the wall ATM this morning and did … Continue reading

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Have you got the app?

Further on the line of technology and assumptions, here is a Monday Peeve on a Wednesday. For some time, it has been a case of having to use your bank card to gain access to public conveniences. This has also … Continue reading

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Food inflation still on the rise

Regular readers will know I am a number cruncher always looking for bargains and how to save a few bob on my shopping bill. I hope that posts such as this are useful as in being a guide and maybe … Continue reading

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Price hikes, again!

I had a little bit of shopping to do today and took the time to have a look round the shelves to see what was available. Lots of Christmas stuff reduced by up to 50%, but I don’t want any … Continue reading

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The dehumidifier hack Part 2

A few days ago, I wrote this post about using a dehumidifier to help dry our laundry indoors. Readers may also be interested in this article (source) about them today. I can now follow up with some costing figures if … Continue reading

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Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Thrift

“I love charity thrift stores. Amazing one-of-a-kind pieces at terrific prices, and all the money you spend goes to a good cause. – Laura Spencer. This week’s Wednesday challenge here on partner Susan and my site is  THRIFT. Those of … Continue reading

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Shopping Around

One of the things about retirement is having the time to shop around, and in so doing, you can get a feel as to what supermarkets are going to have their special offers and when. Today, we had a field … Continue reading

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Off the menu

I did some shopping today and over the last few trips have noticed a few things. Prices continue to rise, but another hike of 10% overnight is simply not acceptable. The following items are now OFF my shopping list: Muffins: … Continue reading

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