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Haven’t the energy

I’ve commented before on how mild it’s been recently, and today is no exception. Although not warm enough to get the washing dry on the line,  it’s not cold enough to be wearing thermals, thick jumpers, woolly scarves, heavy coats, … Continue reading

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Blood Red Tax

My Dad was a meat and two veg kind of guy. So was FIL come to think of it. Eventually though, the sunday joint of beef was beyond Mum’s purse unless for a very special occasion and we turned to … Continue reading

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What makes a ‘Good Post?’

I guess we’ve all asked ourselves that at some stage, especially when something we are really pleased with gets few views or a response whereas something we consider not so good gets a lot of recognition. Variety I think is … Continue reading

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Going our separate ways…………

I had so wanted to avoid this, but it would appear we have little choice now. Following Hubby’s appointment yesterday, it was confirmed that we are doing all the right things but they’re not working. Like: Avoiding spicy food, not … Continue reading

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I am SOOOOOO out of touch

Hubby and I are ticking along quite nicely thank you. All of our expenditure is budgeted for and we meet the bills, keep warm, are well fed and get by, and for that I am grateful. Time for a rant. … Continue reading

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Tomato Pasta, the home grown variety

I haven’t made a tomato pasta since we came off the boat, and with the amount of tomatoes we have now, I needed to do something! Hubby can’t eat them, though when I skinned some for a spag bol a … Continue reading

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Double your money………….. aka tax.

In October 2015, a charge of 5p was imposed on plastic carrier bags supplied by major retailers in the UK, although Wales had already implemented this charge the year before. The idea was that the money raised from the sale … Continue reading

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