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Dig Deep

It’s Christmas and the same adverts are running as they were last year……and the year before for that matter…… £3 a month for this, £2 a month for that, £19 for something else. Shortly after we’d moved into the bungalow … Continue reading

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Crash Site to Guest Room

You may remember this from a few weeks ago: Whilst we were tinkering about getting the rest of the house uptogether, it became this until we moved the piano into the lounge having purchased a single bed frame for £20. … Continue reading

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First and last thousand

Reading in the media yesterday about the Government’s Benefit Helpline being closed over the Christmas holidays just when claimants will need it most with changes coming into force this week, made me think about money, past and present. When I … Continue reading

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I am one in thousands……..

853 thousand to be exact. This is the number of customers BG has lost since it announced its price increases in June, according to a headline in the media today. Oh, and I have received my refund which has been … Continue reading

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Grass isn’t just greener

It’s longer, and over ankle-deep so even at this time of year, we have to do something positive else we won’t be able to do anything without hiring a rotavator or a professional. The little strimmer that Hubby purchased shortly … Continue reading

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What are we eating?

It’s Budget Day next week here in the UK and I wonder what our dear chancellor has up his sleeve to screw us for even more money we haven’t got. I read that there is a possibility of a Takeaway … Continue reading

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Life’s a Gas, part 2

Yep, the saga of our gas bill goes on, and you’ll like this. I have received yet another email from BG from yet another person dealing with my complaint. In the tone of tolerating an annoying child (or at least … Continue reading

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