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O is for ………………..

Observation. Do you remember the party game where you had a tray of twenty objects that you studied for about a minute, then the tray was taken away and an object removed and you had to say which one? I … Continue reading

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N is for Night Sky

We had some pretty spectacular sunsets when we were living in the cottage. We would look out over open fields of crops and watch the sun disappear behind a single tree and the outline of the farmhouse half a mile … Continue reading

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M is for MOH

Some people may wonder what kind of woman I am if I say I have two husbands. Yes, I was married before, getting my divorce in 1981, so he doesn’t count. I have been happily married to Hubby for 24 … Continue reading

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L is for……………………….

Liver! OK, how many of you thought I was going to write something romantic? Bet like me you hated liver at school, that horrible tough greyish green (or greenish grey) leather they used to dish up once a week. Mum … Continue reading

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For J and K, Just Kidding

Most of us like a practical joke, but sometimes it can go terribly wrong and have disastrous results. This happened to a friend of mine and ended in divorce, though it was her own doing. I’m afraid she got no … Continue reading

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I is for Incensed and Insurance

I don’t think there is anything that cannot be insured, and even if there was, somebody would find a way round it to take it on AND MAKE MONEY. Obviously in the UK we have to have the important things … Continue reading

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F, G and H is for……………..

Another combination one this, involving a Four poster bed at a Grand Hotel. It was Christmas either 1993 or 1994 (we were married and didn’t have a dog as we were able to do things like have unplanned holidays or … Continue reading

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E is for Embarrassment (to name just one)

Stratford-Upon-Avon is extremely popular for narrow boat Excursions both for holiday hires and owners like us. There are a total of 129 locks on the 109 mile route of The Avon Ring and Stratford-Upon- Avon is part of it, so … Continue reading

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D is for Doorways

Dogs (of course) and Draughts. Our cottage was 160 years old and pretty draughty. It didn’t help that the floors weren’t flat and the door to the front bedroom had to be cut short as it went uphill. When closed, … Continue reading

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B and C is for………………

A bit of a cheat this one, incorporating 2 consecutive letters. On our second walk up to the High Street today, we passed a wall upon which was a Bird. It made no effort whatsoever to fly away, even when … Continue reading

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