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Scrabble Evening Two

We’ve been invited up to MSM (Maggie’s surrogate Mummy) for another scrabble evening. Hubby has discovered 101 acceptable 2 letter words, so we’ve listed them and will take them with us. MSM already had some on a card, so we … Continue reading

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The Phonetics of my life

Walking the dog yesterday morning, I found myself thinking about the phonetic alphabet. Although I can’t replicate them all exactly in my life, I think I come pretty close! A is for Alpha. Until I met Hubby, no-one had ever … Continue reading

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Name Dropping

Technology and I aren’t exactly bosom buddies, but I appreciate that these days we can’t go far without it. From cars to microwaves, air and space travel to smart phones, it is there, a part of our daily life. Until … Continue reading

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Melancholy Abecedarium

Alone, I sit on a Bench, melancholy and Chilled as I watch the rays of Dawn tease from the hills in an Eastern Sky. Freeing the shadows from darkness Greeting a New Day, How wondrous the sight I see before … Continue reading

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Z is for………………………….

I’m at the end of my ABC challenge and Z is my I did a spreadsheet to plan it all out so that I didn’t overshoot the mark (I know, I’m a sad individual) and have put to one side … Continue reading

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Y is for Year

Come the 17th, it will be a year since we locked up the cottage for the last time and handed over the keys for someone else. Our back garden and the Bramley apple tree in full blossom. A lot has … Continue reading

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XXX Kisses

X is for Kisses You told me you loved me, With rows of kisses ending Love letters hoarded and treasured, As my heart is slowly mending.

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U, V and W ……………

These three were toughies, but like the R, S and T post, I can group them together. U is for United. Hubby and I have been united in our efforts to not have the bad stuff and to deter us … Continue reading

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R S and T is for ………………..

Weather, which has conveniently grouped my next consecutive letters together. Rain, Spotty (?) Showers and Thunder to be exact. Us Brits are always complaining about the weather, it’s either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, too … Continue reading

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P and Q is for…………………….

I could have gone for the Ps and Qs of Please and Thank-Qs, but decided on Peace and Quiet instead. It was a glorious day yesterday, not as still as last Thursday when MOH came up for the day, but … Continue reading

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