Awards: Please read

Update 20th December 2019

Thank you to anyone who thinks to nominate me for an award. I really appreciate it and have accepted the following, though more are mentioned in my About page.
However, I am hopeless at nominations so may well just answer the questions set if that’s OK as a lot of my blogging friends are ‘Award Free’ sites and they all deserve awards and recognition.
Please do not be offended if I pass on naming nominees, but I will answer questions posed.

Thank you.
real-neat-blog-awardAccepted September 2016


Accepted November 2016

versatile bloggerAccepted 12th February 2018

mystery bloggerAccepted 12th February 2018

Accepted 27th July 2018

accepted 30th July 2018

accepted 30th July 2018
Take 2 13th August 2018

accepted 21st October

accepted 6th November 2018

Nominated 8th January 2019
(rules 7 and 8 omitted)

Gifted and accepted 25th February 2019

3rd nomination accepted 27th February 2019

accepted 26th March 2019

accepted 27th March 2019

2nd nomination accepted 29th May 2019

Accepted 4th June 2019

Accepted 14th July 2019

Accepted 21st July

Accepted 29th July 2019

Gifted to me 12th August 2019

Accepted 17th August 2019

Accepted 25th August 2019
Melanie (sparksfromacombustiblemind)
designed this one.

Accepted 6th September 2019

Accepted 11th September 2019.accepted 14th September 2019

Accepted 8th and 15th December 2019

Accepted 18th and 20th December 2019