Awards 2020

I appreciate being nominated for any award, but nominating other worthy bloggers is like a rollercoaster as most have already been nominated multiple times as the awards do the rounds.
I enjoy answering the questions, and possibly setting my own, but I will pass on further nominations and understand perfectly if no other awards come my way.

This was accepted January 4th. and May 11th. Thank you Sadje for both.

A new award for me as nominated by Jennifer at paperkutzs and accepted 5th May
Thanks to Nima Mohan of the Tenth Zodiac for nominating me for this on May 16th
Claudia nominated me for this one on June 26th

Jennifer nominated me for this one on July 8th

Sadje nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award and Himanshu Pal nominated me for the Liebster Award 12th July

Two award nominations came my way 31st August from Racheal and Janis.

1st November : Sadje nominated me for

Sadje nominated me for The Beautiful Blogger Award on November 11th
Sadje also nominated me for the Outstanding Blogger Award on Dec 20th