About Page No 2

This is a summary of “The Now” on pensitivity101.
You can read more on how I got here on the previous About Page.
This is Hubby, me and Maggie taken in December 2018.
Don’t you just love the matching outfits!

Anyway, in short, the name’s Di and I’ve been blogging since September 2013.
I am your hostess for the Three Things Challenge every day and following the sad loss of Melanie B Cee in November 2022, I now host Fibbing Friday and her Share Your World on Mondays. I also temporarily hosting Truthful Tuesday until PCGuyIV takes it back.

I take part in a lot of prompts, be it word, photo or daily challenges, plus take photos of our lovely beach and park, our efforts at home grown produce and the garden.
Sadly Maggie is no longer with us, but there are loads of pictures and posts about her in my blog, and she is the star of my Gravatar photo.
We found Maya purely by chance and she joined our little family at the age of 13 weeks in February 2022. She is a beautiful german shepherd, and forever growing!
Photo: April 2022.

Pictures Jan 2023.

There’s even some humour, recipes, diet successes/failures and poetry in here so hopefully there’s something of interest for most of you.

I love to hear from my readers, so do drop in a comment or two and I’ll get back to you.

updated Feb 2023