Town Hustle and Bustle

We have a continental street market here for the weekend and the main High Street has been closed to traffic from 5am Friday 31st March until 10pm Sunday 2nd April.
The weather has not been kind so far, but people are still being supportive to a degree, that is if they are not taking shelter in the supermarket under the guise of pretending to shop.
Throw into the equation that it’s the start of the Easter school holidays and the fact there are a lot of holiday homes and caravan parks all around us, and you get the picture:
Lots of visitors to the town and the tourist season is here.

For once it was nice to witness a group of visitors clearing up after their dog as I drove off this afternoon to do some basic shopping.

Once again, the discount supermarket didn’t have an egg in the place, unless you wanted a chocolate one with a variety of fillings where you are spoilt for choice, and prices are still going up. The cheese we like has gone up another 30p for an 800g slab. They are actually the only shop that sells cheese in this size and the closest I’ve got elsewhere is 550g for about the same price.
Tinned tomatoes have also seen a hike from 32p to 39p but at least tinned potatoes have stayed at 37p…………. for now. Granola cereal was a firm favourite until it went up from £1.39 to £1.75. That is now sitting on the shelf with all its friends at £1.85. Dried apricots have gone 10p in each of the past two months, and dried prunes have also seen a similar hike of 20p since last month.

Do you like crisps? I am not particularly brand loyal unless on special, but I did fancy a bag of good old cheese and onion. The shop’s own was sold out, and I am not paying £1.75 or £2 for a six pack of a named brand. I eventually got my eggs though, and these have seen a small drop of 4p to £1.35 for 10. These are barn eggs and usually a mixed box of brown and white eggs. I got 10 brown eggs off the shelf today and no, I didn’t swap any round.

In all, I spent another £20 today. I am trying hard not to overspend but it seems the easiest way to do that is not to go shopping at all.


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7 Responses to Town Hustle and Bustle

  1. murisopsis says:

    I hear you! We were looking for jelly or jam – what used to cost $1.09 is now $1.99! And that’s for the cheap grape! If you want strawberry or peach or even orange marmalade it is $2.89 or higher!!

    • Mum used to make marmalade and give it as Christmas gifts. There is a cheap range of jam here for about 30p………’s a very odd shade of red……… but cheap marmalade has disappeared, and if you want lemon, forget it!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    So true prices just keep going up and up. 🙄

  3. glyn40wilton says:

    I was meant to be going to a street market yesterday but it was called off. I wasn’t surprised because the weather was awful down here too. The tourists (or ’emits’ as we Cornish folk call them) have been flocking down here already. I guess many changed their minds to avoid the queues at Dover and the like.

    • We haven’t gone anywhere today so have no idea what town is like today. It’s a sunny day though quite chilly, but I expect the market will be busy as people will be hoping for some last minute bargains.

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