Throwback Thursday on Friday

Lauren is our host this week and says
Depending on when and where you grew up, the common consumption of beer, marijuana, and wine may or may not have been a part of your teen life. I was in high school in the late 60s and early 70s. Marijuana and beer were a common factor in most high schooler’s lives. For the majority of people I knew, it didn’t become a problem. For a few, it negatively altered their lives.
This week’s prompt is: Suds, Buds, and Vino
1) Did you grow up in a family that had beer or wine at family meals? Were either beverages part of your parent’s “relaxation” time?
No, though in later years my dad made his own wine so it became the norm on Sundays to have a glass.

2) Was wine consumed as part of religious or family celebrations? If so, when?
see above.

3) Were you allowed to have a “sip” of the adult beverages?
My Dad bought me an alcoholic drink when I was 18. Other than that, no.

4) When you were a teenager did it bother you that your parents had one set of behaviors, yet you were expected to have another?

5) When you were in high school, did you or your friends drink alcohol? If you were underaged, how did you acquire the booze?
I didn’t have a lot of friends but I’m aware that some of my classmates had a hangover a couple of times

6) Were you offered marijuana or other drugs while in high school? If you chose to partake, did it get you into trouble, or were you never caught?
Never on all counts.

7) Did you ever get too drunk or too high to function? How did your body react to that?
I have only been drunk once at the age of 17 when I fell through the back door and my Mum had to put me to bed like a five year old. Never again, and I was spared a hangover.
Note: I was working then and someone put vodka in my lemonade.

8) Have your opinions about taking drugs and drinking alcohol changed over time? Are you more conservative or more liberal than you were in your youth?
No. I have never been able to cope with heavy drinkers from a very early age and I was not even curious about taking drugs, not even wakky baccy when I smoked.

9) If applicable, did you raise your children with the same beliefs that you grew up with?

10) If you had any input over alcohol or marijuana laws would you change them?
I can’t answer this apart from drink drivers should have the book thrown at them and be banned from driving for life.


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8 Responses to Throwback Thursday on Friday

  1. John Holton says:

    Agree on drunk drivers.

  2. murisopsis says:

    I was never a drinker – 3 sips of wine and I’m asleep! My parents weren’t drinkers either though my dad made wine for as long as I can remember. Mostly it was donated to the church for communion (which was the only place I ever had it). There was a clique at school that were druggies they were well on their way to addictions to heroin, LSD or the multitude of different pills… I suppose it is only by a miracle (or my parents’ strict rules) that I didn’t end up smoking, drinking and taking illegal drugs (the 1970s were rough)!

    • I’m not a drinker and it’s a honeymoon joke about me falling off my bar stool in Amsterdam after 3 beers! These days I get drunk on opening the cork. It’s embarrassing. LOL

  3. Lauren says:

    Thanks for joining in Di. I couldn’t agree more about drunk driver or anyone who drinks and hurts anyone else.

  4. willowdot21 says:

    We are very similar again Di I especially agree about drink drivers 🙂

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