Throwback Thursday: Family Stories

Lauren is in the chair today and her theme is Passing on the Stories
When my Mum was alive, our side of the family spanned five generations.
There was an article in the news a couple of years ago about a family who spanned five living generations too, and surprisingly their surname was the same as my maiden name, but none of them were familiar as being relations I knew of.
This collage shows five generations but dates back to the 1980s. My Mum, her parents and grandparents are in it as is Dad, his father and grandparents. Then there are my sister and I, her two daughters and my nephews.
As for family stories, I have to admit not many………………

I’ve posted a few of my Dad as a kid, the favourite being his toy soldiers, and there was one about my twin aunts swapping places on dates. Dad also told us about the sweet shop he and his pals used to frequent with their penny to spend, which was nearly always on bullseyes, a jar kept on one of the higher shelves so had to be accessed with a ladder.
The shopkeeper would get the jar down, weigh out a pen’uf, and put the jar back, only for the next kid to say he wanted a pen’uf of bullseyes too. This went on for a few kids until it was my dad’s turn and the shopkeeper said I suppose you want a pen’uf of bullseyes too.
Dad said no, so the jar was put back on the shelf. When asked what he wanted, Dad said he didn’t have a penny, so could he have a ha’puf of bullseyes and was chased out of the shop for his cheek.

I can remember my great grandmother falling off the kids roundabout trying to pick up stones as we were doing and she fell off. Gramps told her to act her age and come away, but she got right back on. She was 80 something!

My parents and I lived with my paternal grandfather and his fourth wife for almost a year in 1972/73. I was 16, had left school after taking my O levels and had started work for the gas board. He died in 1974 and when everyone came back to the house after the funeral, it was weird seeing a man who looked so similar to my granddad sitting in his chair, but I knew it wasn’t him, but a great uncle.

My family is not as close as most, but I can remember my nephews having a punch up and my then SIL telling the eldest to hit him back.
The reply was ‘But I love my brother Mummy!’
I remember family picnics where everyone brought something for the table and we played games. They were happy fun filled days, but nothing like that is ever done now, or if it is, I am not part of it due to distance.

I have no children of my own and perhaps my nephews and nieces however many times removed now might remember me as the aunt who laughed a lot, was a bit on the loud side maybe, but disappeared apart from cards at Christmas to those whose addresses she has.

I understand a cousin dug into our family tree and apparently traced the line back to William the Conqueror. That’s about it, so not much family history from me I’m afraid.


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  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Same here, but you’re living stories now

  2. murisopsis says:

    I have lots of stories about my family – many of them about long ago people and some more about my great grandmother, grandmothers (on both sides) and of course many from my parents! Even some about my siblings and myself! I only have 4 cousins as my father was a twin and my mother an only child… so we were fairly tight knit. Sparky’s family is even closer but he has so many cousins that he doesn’t know all their names!!!

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