Truthful Tuesday: my thoughts 20th September

My question today was about tradition.
The world watched our Queen’s funeral yesterday and throughout the country’s state of mourning, there have been some protests and comments against the monarchy.
I am not asking my overseas readers how you feel about the British Monarchy, but how you feel about your own country’s traditions and customs.
Do you think they still hold a place in modern times?
With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, our country reached the end of an era.
Not only was she our longest reigning monarch at 70 years, but had also been the longest married royal having celebrated 73 years of marriage with Prince Philip.

I’m 66, and she has been Queen all my life. I watched the funeral yesterday and was moved by the crowds and outpouring of love and respect for our late monarch. It was steeped in tradition and I have never seen anything like it, nor likely to again. Awesome is an inadequate way to describe it.
The service was poignant, and I sang The Lord’s my Shepherd, shedding a few tears. This was one of my Mum’s favourite hymns and I knew the words.

Now we have King Charles III , and from what I have read, there are going to be some significant changes under his reign.
Hopefully, this will be a good thing, but traditional roots run deep.
I have seen coverage of our senior royals these past ten days and how they have pulled together through this time of grief and sorrow, putting duty first. Yesterday I am sure many could relate as a mother, grandmother and great grandmother was laid to rest.

However, in a modern age, concepts and attitudes towards the Monarchy have changed.
King Charles has a hard act to follow, but my personal opinion is that the Monarchy as we’ve known it will not be the same as it was in the near future.

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16 Responses to Truthful Tuesday: my thoughts 20th September

  1. Sadje says:

    Having a royal family is a burden on your country! I think itโ€™s time to cut back on their privileges, my opinion and no offense intended

  2. Nope, Not Pam says:

    I feel for the family, grief should be private

  3. quiall says:

    Holding onto our traditions grounds us and connects us with our past. We would not be where we are today without it. That doesn’t mean things can’t change, they should. I am sure the monarchy will find a way to be seen as relevant. Whether people are willing to admit it or not, the monarchy has done a great deal of good for the UK. You wouldn’t be where you are today without it.

  4. murisopsis says:

    Watching from afar, I am impressed with the outpouring of sympathy from all the world’s leaders. It speaks to the respect and friendship that the Queen had earned over her lifetime. As for the detractors, fie upon them! Cowards all to speak so but only after she cannot respond.

  5. Carol anne says:

    that is what I think too Di! I doubt it will ever be the same again! The queen was someone who will not be easily replaced!

  6. I am not a royalist, and l am not a supporter of the Monarchy. Traditions are all well and good; however, they become harmful when people are unwilling to or resistant to changes.

    Thirty years ago, the Royals and the Monarchy were more popular than they are thirty years later, so l think King Charles has his work cut out for his role in upgrading certain traditions and so-called privileges. The institution that is the Monarchy must be shaken up. The King can not replace Elizabeth, and neither should he.

    Republicanism doesn’t yet have a strong foothold in the UK currently. Still, times and traditions are now changing, and with the loss of QEII, l see interesting times ahead, especially as King Charles is very different from his mother.

    But the Queen was more prevalent amongst specific age brackets, above the 60s, with the younger generation of 18 – 35 less supportive of royalty and traditions. The Monarchy has its work cut out if it wishes to increase the popularity it held in the later eighties, and l don’t think it ever will. They lost a lot of support with Lady Diana’s death, bringing human emotion into the firm.

    Then with the Harry and Meghan debacle, they lost a lot of support from young supporters irrelevant to whether the pair’s decision to do things the way they did was right or wrong.

    Whilst l do not see the abolishment of the Royal family in my lifetime, l do see the rise of republicans in the coming years, which may lead to significant change.

    But also, in a more warning shot of today, if our governments do not do something to protect more of the people, then l see more civil unrest arising, which may further encourage and motivate reference from the Monarchy to act.

    Are traditions important to today’s world – some are – and some are not. The important ones are those that do not impede progression.

    However, this is not a simple question. As we become more of a diverse mixture of nationalities in this country, many of our ancient and homely traditions are easily lost for fear of ostracising and intimidating other people’s sensitivities.

    • Excellent response Rory. King Charles has a hard act to follow, but has his own ideas. As to whether they will be popular within or outside of The Firm remains to be seen, but I agree, things have to change.
      The country is a mess thanks to our politicians who are only out for themselves. I remember when the Poll Tax came in and how the nation reacted to that. IMO Tensions are now are much higher and something will give……………. soon.

      • Hey Di – l think Charles has got to start to pull up his britches here and now – he is a very different personality to Elizabeth and whilst as said l am not a royalist, l did actually like the Queen as a person and applauded what she did, she had to remain resolute in her actions.

        However she too changed significantly with Lady Diana’s death and the overwhelming reaction from the people – and the loss softened her and made her more of people’s Monarch. BUT, she was the only one that really did soften in what l class as the staunchers.

        We can see the weaker members of her direct family and we have all seen the game play of everyone indirectly from them – the good and the bad and the stupid and the ugly.

        King Charles is known for many things – he is not known for his Kingly values and now he no longer has the choice to ponder for lengthy periods of time now he must act.

        He now needs to start to take positive actions on the family and cutting ties that burden the family more in public eyes and whether he does that or not will be interesting.

        As to politicians, meh where the bloody hell does one even start?

      • I agree with you that the sooner Charles starts, the better. Politicians? Heaven help us with the current lot.

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