Truthful Tuesday 16th August.

Di here, and I’m your temporary host whilst Melanie is getting back on her feet.
The concept is quite simple in that I ask a question and you reply honestly and truthfully.
You can either leave your reply in the comments or write your own post and pingback to this one, then leave a link in the comments so that I can find it.

My question this week is:
Are you an only child or do you have siblings? Would you prefer to be the opposite to what you are?


About pensitivity101

I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination and wacky sense of humour which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and am a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! In November 2020, we lost our beloved Maggie who adopted us as a 7 week old pup in March 2005. We decided to have a photo put on canvas as we had for her predecessor Barney. We now have three pictures of our fur babies on the wall as we found a snapshot of Kizzy, my GSD when Hubby and I first met so had hers done too. On February 24th 2022 we were blessed to find Maya, a 13 week old GSD pup who has made her own place in our hearts. You can follow our training methods, photos and her growth in my blog posts. From 2014 to 2017 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat where we made strong friendships both on and off the water. We were close to nature enjoying swan and duck families for neighbours, and it was a fascinating chapter in our lives. We now reside in a small bungalow on the Lincolnshire coast where we have forged new friendships and interests.
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33 Responses to Truthful Tuesday 16th August.

  1. I have elder brother.
    Would you prefer to be the opposite to what you are?
    I guess I’m at the best place, I possibly could be.

  2. Sadje says:

    I’m the only girl and have three brothers. I like our setup and wouldn’t want to change it. Though I’d like my brothers to keep in touch more.

  3. Nancy Richy says:

    I had an older brother I never knew; he passed away before I was born. My sister came next, born on Feb 27 and I followed 4 years later, also born on Feb 27. No matter what you may hear, it isn’t always fun sharing a birthday with a sibling regardless of how much you love them.

    Being a Pisces, I am emotional, creative and wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s difficult for me to say “no” and I often find myself involved in too many projects. I am an empath and my instincts are strong. I’m a singer, musician and writer; I lead with my heart and love to laugh. Being Sicilian adds to that. My emotions and loyalty run deep and I can be easily hurt but still, I wouldn’t want to be any other way.

    • My two brothers birthdays are both in July, but not the same day. Sis is September and mine in May so we were pretty well spaced.
      I wish my family were more nuclear, but after Mum died, that seemed to be that.

  4. Nope, Not Pam says:

    I’ve got an older brother. When we were young he ignored, now we’re older we make contact for emergencies. So it’s almost like being an only child anyway

  5. Clive says:

    I have a younger sister. We got on well as kids but had a long spell as adults where we fell out. It has been resolved for quite some time now, and I’m glad to have her around, even though it is several years since we last met up in person.

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  7. Paula Light says:

    I’m an only and have always wished for a sister. I do have a half-sister 10 years older, but my mom put her up for adoption and I’ve no way of contacting her. I’m glad I had two girls 💕💕

  8. Dreamer. says:

    I have 3 sisters and one brother; i can never ask for anything else.
    We used to have such a filled house, there was never a boring moment. But now we all are separated due to our studies and jobs. Whenever i go home, it’s so quiet. I wonder what only childs do in their free time…

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  10. I have one sister and we’re only two years apart. We have always done a lot of things together and now we live in the same house.

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  12. Short answer: I have four siblings, and would not want to change that! Long answer: I wrote a post 🙂

  13. Carol anne says:

    You got a great response to the question Di! I hope mine came through!

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