Throwback Thursday #51 – Learning New Skills

Lauren’s in the hot seat this week, and her theme is learning new skills.
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I’m going to use her questions to format my post , so

1. When did you learn to ride a bike? Were you self-taught or did someone teach you? Any major injuries on the way? Did you master the skill? Do you still ride? If applicable, did you teach your kids?
I had a tricycle that used to hang in the leanto at the back of the house. It was red and second hand, but I was confident to ride it. When I had my first two wheeler, I had a letter from Santa telling me my present was in the attic. I didn’t want to get it dirty so rode it in the lounge. I never really mastered it though and wobbled more than stayed upright. I have no idea if I could ride a bike now!

2. Did you learn to play a musical instrument? At what age? Who taught you? How often did you practice? Were you in band at school? How good were you? Do you still play? If applicable, did you encourage your kids to play?
I have been blessed with my Dad’s natural ear for music. I can hear a melody a couple of times and pick it out, usually in the wrong key, but it’s recognisable. I did have lessons, but basically I’m self taught as it took a while for my tutor to work out why I always asked him to play my new piece. I played what I heard, not what was written.  I don’t play as much as I used to. The arthritis in my hands is getting worse and not only can I not bend my fingers, but I can’t stretch them over the keys now.
3. Did you sing in a choir in church or at school? At what age? How often did you practice? Did you enjoy it? How good were you? Do you still sing with others?
Like my Mum, I love to sing. My voice isn’t bad, but I can’t hold a note for long now. I sang in the school choirs at junior school, good enough to sing solo, but at Grammar School, they said I was no good. I was singing along to a CD the other day when I made some Christmas cards. It felt good.

4. Did you have formal instructions on speaking a second language? Were you fortunate enough to be raised in a house with two or more languages? Did you learn a second language in school? Are you fluent in more than one language?
A good ear for music has not helped me with foreign languages. I am useless at speaking them and trying to learn French at Grammar School was difficult, though I am surprised that I can remember a few things. As for German, I lasted the initial compulsory year and can’t remember a thing.

5. Did you to play on a sports team or learn martial arts? At what age did you start? Did a parent become a coach? Did you practice at home? Do you still play sports? If applicable, did you encourage your children to play on a team?
Oh blimey, no on both counts. Sports were not my thing at Grammar School and I was ridiculed on more than one occasion by a certain member of the PE Staff. However, at Junior School, I loved to run and would finish a race in the top 3. I loved netball, but that same PE teacher had me playing hockey and athletics when I preferred tennis. I was never encouraged in things that I enjoyed, so ended up hating all of it.

6. Did you ever take dance, tap, ballet, baton, cheerleading, etc. lessons? When did you start? How long did you take lessons? Did you practice on your own in addition to the lessons? How skilled did you become? Did you encourage your children to do the same?
No dance lessons ever, but I would love to have learned how to jive. I loved to dance years ago, but ex partner put the kibosh on that and I didn’t dance at all for years afterwards. I like the slow ones, but can still manage a twist of sorts and a fast shuffle!

7. Did you learn to roller skate or ice skate? Did someone teach you or did you take lessons? At what age did you learn? Did you become skilled quickly? Can you still skate? Did you teach your children.
Like all kids, I had a set of roller skates. Sadly I had a bit of bother going downhill when I was about 10, gathering so much momentum that I panicked and sat down to stop myself. I was wearing shorts and took the skin off the backs of my legs. I can still feel the pain and Mum picking the tiny bits of gravel out of the cuts.


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13 Responses to Throwback Thursday #51 – Learning New Skills

  1. Maggie says:

    Ouch! That roller skating accident sounds horrible. I have always been envious of those who coulpm0lay, pian9 and s8ng. I can do neither.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    A great post to read Di , very enjoyable. That roller skating accident sounds awful!

  3. Lauren says:

    Thanks for joining in Di. I hurt right along with you on the roller skate accident. I’ve taken to wiping Annie down with a wet washcloth at night to cool her off.

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