Wish they’d updated their website!!!

As we were sitting in the lounge after lunch, we heard a rather meaty engine in the skies and looked at our watches. Only 1.30, so not the Dakota, but we went outside when we realised it was the Hurricane with a griffin engine from the BBMF doing the fly past for Poppies on The Prom.
We got the Canon and Hubby took some shots over the house, but whatever he hit wasn’t the zoom so I had to tweak the best picture by cropping it and then enlarging it to 200%.

Annoyed that the schedule had been changed as it was obvious that the Dakota would not be doing a fly past as well later, we locked up the house and went up on to the prom to see what was going on.

Hubby had Maya on a loop round his waist, and she tried for us, bless her.  The prom was packed, though the beach relatively quiet until you got closer to the town.

Too many people, too many distractions, and too many visiting dog owners who didn’t give a toss about anyone else walking a dog. It’s all good for business I know and the cafes were busy, but Maya didn’t know where she was supposed to go and tried to make her own space, only for a pair of legs or a bouncing ball to cut her off.

We turned back as it was not fair on her, and getting very hot. Trying to get off the prom was hard work with people blocking the path and not giving way as well as pushbikes and pushchairs coming at us from all directions. Finally we were able to get down onto the road and sit on the bench to give Maya a drink. We cooled her off as best we could, had a drink ourselves, then made for home along the road rather than through the park which was also packed.
She was so hot and bothered by the time we got back but had a wee and a poo in the back garden before coming in to have another drink. We’d filled her bowl with fresh water before we’d left and she headed straight for it.
We realise now it was a mistake to go and we didn’t see anything other than half naked bodies in various shades of red sizzling on the sand anyway.

When we got home, everything we were wearing was soaking wet with sweat, so it all went in the wash and is drying out on the line. Maya is a lot more comfortable now and it’s quite cool indoors, so she’s been dozing on her bed.
Not exactly what we’d hoped for today.

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I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination and wacky sense of humour which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and am a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! In November 2020, we lost our beloved Maggie who adopted us as a 7 week old pup in March 2005. We decided to have a photo put on canvas as we had for her predecessor Barney. We now have three pictures of our fur babies on the wall as we found a snapshot of Kizzy, my GSD when Hubby and I first met so had hers done too. On February 24th 2022 we were blessed to find Maya, a 13 week old GSD pup who has made her own place in our hearts. You can follow our training methods, photos and her growth in my blog posts. From 2014 to 2017 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat where we made strong friendships both on and off the water. We were close to nature enjoying swan and duck families for neighbours, and it was a fascinating chapter in our lives. We now reside in a small bungalow on the Lincolnshire coast where we have forged new friendships and interests.
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6 Responses to Wish they’d updated their website!!!

  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    It can be difficult to judge with events, and sometimes I think the heat makes people think less of others. They’re so concerned with self thoughtfulness goes out the window. At least you got home safe and sound

  2. murisopsis says:

    Soon enough it will get too cool for the “sun worshippers” and the vacationers! I hope you can reclaim your beach sooner rather than later!

  3. Sept. 2 (the day after Labor Day) is when things settle down around here. We still get visitors in our parks, (especially the big ones like Devil’s Lake) but not the summer hordes of people from Chicago and Milwaukee who invade your space. It amazes me as well how people like to baste in the sun like so many beef roasts. How hot did it get in your neck of the woods? We have been having a nice summer here. We’ve had some 90F days (which is normal for us), but then it rains and cools off. We haven’t suffered from the heat waves hitting the south, west, and east.

    • It is uncomfortably hot here for the area, especially at night when it’s airless and heavy. We’ve had no rain for weeks, but so far no hosepipe ban here, though it could well be in the pipeline (excuse pun). We are experiencing water supply issues with failed pumps and broken pipes, but the water board is on it immediately and so far, we have not lost water completely, just pressure.

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