Throwback Thursday – #44 – Fireworks Celebrations

Lauren is our host this week and her subject is Firework Celebrations.
She says

With the 4th of July (here in the US) right around the corner, I was wondering about everyone’s memories about celebrations with pyrotechnics. Whether you celebrate Lahore, Guy Fawkes Night, Bastille Day, your countries’ Independence Day, and/or December 31st, you have most likely viewed fireworks. Think back to early memories of fireworks and how they made you feel.

As a child, bonfire night meant making a Guy weeks before and wheeling it round in the pram for pennies. We weren’t allowed to buy fireworks ourselves, that was down to the grownups, but I remember eating burgers and hot dogs as we oohed and aahed over the pretty colours and stars in the sky, and each kid was given a sparkler which was used to write our name in the air or wave about like a magic wand.
We had a dog, and I don’t remember him being frightened, though like all pets we were warned on TV to keep them indoors.
I remember one particular family gathering in 1966. We had moved from the council house to the house that Dad had built the year before and it had a long back garden.
Mum was cooking the sausages and burgers in the kitchen and there were a load of cut bread baps on the outside table with an array of onions, sauces, crisps and other nibbles for everyone to help themselves. Someone let off a banger as someone else sent up a rocket, but it was the jumping jacks that were the highlight of the show that day. Us kids watched as they bounced along the path, then one went into orbit and landed in my sister in law’s hair. Her heavily lacquered hair. It was all hands on deck then to get it out before she was set alight. It could have been worse as someone could have thrown a bucket of water over her, but I think that was the last family firework gathering we had.

When I moved and was living on the outskirts of Bath,  the club I played darts for had a bonfire party and everyone in the village was invited. It was free admission but a bucket was passed round for charity and they raised several hundreds of pounds. There was plenty of food and the kids had a grand time as there were bobbing apples and other party games to keep them entertained before the main event around 8pm. The display lasted a good half an hour and there were some very happy and fascinated faces in the crowd.

Of course they were not as loud or as expensive as they are now, and both Maggie and Barney hated them, cowering in the corner shaking, or trying to find somewhere to hide. Silent fireworks are available apparently but don’t have many takers, which is a shame as I understand they still have the colours and stars, just not as much noise. If they were promoted more than the traditional bangs, whoops and whizzes maybe our pets would not be such nervous wrecks. Guy Fawkes night was the only time we’d have fireworks, but now it’s any popular event, Christmas and New Year, and here in the Summer we can expect to have them every Saturday night in July and August.

The last fireworks I bought were three rockets for Hubby. We let one off for his birthday in November and two at New Year. The first of the latter pair went sideways and we were lucky not to set fire to something. Having dogs after that we didn’t buy any or attend any displays, though on the boat when we went up to Stratford for the first time for the boat festival, we were berthed alongside the field where the firework display was due to begin.

We put our doughnuts in the portholes to block out the light and Maggie lay in the bathroom.

My nephew is a professional pyrotechnic organiser and he says the amount of money that goes up in smoke for ten minutes is obscene. I can imagine that, but for big business I guess it’s tax deductible and good advertising. I must admit though, it is an awesome sight.


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10 Responses to Throwback Thursday – #44 – Fireworks Celebrations

  1. murisopsis says:

    Your memories of the sparklers is the same as mine! We loved to write our names as the light seemed to hover in the air for a few seconds… Ranger hated loud noises and fireworks made him try to squeeze under the sofa – he was 55 pounds and the space under the sofa was 3 inches high. Needless to say he had to be relocated to his kennel before any fireworks started. I’m not sure how the new pup will fare but we have “calming treats” and some actual medication should we need it!

    • Maya has heard fireworks once and didn’t seem bothered. Time will tell when the summer kicks off and the council have their fireworks at the weekends. With Maggie, we played the CD she used to go to sleep to (Pure Moods, mostly instrumentals and she was asleep by track three, us by track 6) or put on Battle: Los Angeles with Aaron Eckhart which somehow seemed to calm her! Such positive news with the pup so far!!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Nice post Di. I hope Maya stays unmoved by fireworks …Ruby is guide dog trained so no noises, bangs or lights worry her, we are very lucky 💜

  3. Lauren says:

    Thanks for joining in Di. I had totally forgotten writing our names in the air. We did that also. I remember being super excited by getting an entire box of sparklers just for myself as a teen. I always lost interest after a few were done.

  4. I forgot the New Year’s fireworks. I’ll have to amend my post! What an interesting glimpse to the celebrations “over the pond” too! Thanks! 🙂

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Lots of fun memories about fireworks and cook-outs! Hope Maya is calm if any loud sounds happen. 🙂

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