It’s official: prices are going up

Following on from my post a couple of days ago about rising prices I was reading this article this morning (source) which added fuel to my argument (not that anything will change, but hey).
This is my amended calculations with the increases in the last four months on what we normally buy (in my original post they were all shown incorrectly as negatives)

This is the chart courtesy of yahoo
This covers the increases over the last twelve months to April, whereas mine are between February and the first week in June 2022.

Thought it might be of interest.

We have just got back from shopping and UHT skimmed milk has shot up from 59p per litre to 65p.
This is an increase of over 10% on last week, and a staggering 30% since February.


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22 Responses to It’s official: prices are going up

  1. Sadje says:

    Everywhere it’s the same story

  2. Nope, Not Pam says:

    It’s strange but we can’t get certain things anymore, like salt. I ended up buying a bulk pack when I tracked one down. This can’t go on, politicians have to do something

  3. murisopsis says:

    Yes. It wasn’t your imagination. The cost of oil by the barrel is currently ~$120/barrel. A year ago it was $127. The cost of gasoline a year ago was ~ $2.85/gallon and is now topping $6.00/gallon! I think corporate greed is killing our economy!

    • Our government is trying to kill us and will succeed because they are pricing the poorer paid and vulnerable out of existence. I cannot understand why they don’t step in to cap prices and restrict rises. We saw petrol at £1.96p per litre and diesel at 1.98p a litre today. In one garage, diesel was over £2.

  4. Paula Light says:

    It sucks 🙁

    I’m having to penny-pinch and I don’t like it one bit!

  5. It’s bad now, but winter looks REALLY terrifying. Diesel, which is also used as heating oil, is currently about $7/gallon (it might be more) which is more than double last year’s price. We are being destroyed by huge companies who feel feel no amount of profit is enough. They need to make MORE and MORE and MORE without regard for the humans who depend on them. We have a 220 gallon tank which is on the small side of average. Say we fill it halfway — 100 gallons. That’s $700 for enough fuel for about 5 weeks in a cold winter. We are on a fixed income and there’s no way we’ll be able to come up with that much money, so unless this problem eases up by winter, I don’t know how we’ll get through it.

    We hardly drive at all now. You can cut out driving, but you can’t eliminate heat when you live in a cold climate. And there are many even poorer people who are going to be suffering cruelly this year.

    • I hear you. We had a 1300 litre oil tank in the cottage and fuel was between 30p and 65p a litre depending on the season (2014). We filled the tank up when we first had it (2009), then topped it up each August before prices went up for the winter. We used less than 1000 litres that first year, and the second only 800. They are planning to scrap gas boilers over here which is how our current heating is run, and replace them with air pumps which are expensive to install and even more expensive to run. We are already thinking of going back to oil, but will come up against the same problems as you are facing. We too are on a fixed income, everything is just running amok, and nobody gives a toss about the little people. Our current heating and electricity is fixed until October 2023 and costing £50 a month in total. That will at least double when the tariff expires, if not more, and we are way below average users. As for transport, we need a vehicle to get us to the GP, dentist, vet, hospital and to do a decent monthly shop. The bus service here is abysmal, once an hour but nowhere we need to go is covered directly. As for getting back, the last bus back from one of the bigger towns is at 2pm. Fat lot of good that is for anyone working!

  6. The world is in a truly sad state at present times. Here in US many items now are on list of ‘shrinkflation’. A few examples: less tissues in a small box of Kleenix ~ less sheets per roll in popular brand of toilet paper and Gatorade once 32 ounces is now a 28-ounce bottle. I’ve never seen the price of gas at $6.99 9/10ths for regular and in the $7.00 plus range for premium. I have no clue as how some retirees are going to survive at this rate without some form of assistance. Sad!

    • The government have promised financial assistance for those on benefits, pensioners and the disabled. We should receive
      a one off payment of £400 as will everyone else, plus a further £300 because we’re pensioners. This is in addition to
      a heating allowance of £200 as a matter of course as all pensioners do. I just can’t understand why they don’t stop the increases at source and prevent these greedy companies from boosting their profits at the deaths, and it will be, of those who cannot afford to eat, heat, or live.
      I’ve noticed weights diminishing too, and the con there is that the items are conveniently out of stock for a few weeks and then miraculously reappear with less in it or at a higher price, or both.

  7. I went to the store this morning and ten items (given two of them were expensive necessities) was almost $100. They keep this stuff up and there’s going to be people rioting and looting just to feed their families. I didn’t even dare give the meat counter a glance! My sympathies to you, but you’re prepared. Bless your gift for numbers!

    • I know where you’re coming from. Our UHT milk has gone up AGAIN as have yogurts and the Flora spread I prefer. Meat? I buy minced beef, chicken, fish and now sausages once a month. As for lamb, joints, pork etc, nope.

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