Saturday Swapit #20

Fed up with dieting? Cheesed off because you always fancy things you shouldn’t have?
Bored with salads and fruit? Want to shoot the scales?
Welcome to Saturday Swapit, a place where you can vent your frustrations, curse the diet sheet and drown your sorrows in ice cream (in theory) or just add your views on today’s topic. If you’d like to check out the comments to Swapit #19, you can do so here

I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional dietician, nutritionist or diet programme consultant.
I rejoined SW in May 2019 and have managed to stay within my target parameters since August 2019.

Saturday Swapit is not intended as a diet programme, and anyone who wants or needs to lose serious weight should consult a medical professional or their GP

I haven’t really got a topic for today as the week has been spent trying to get back on plan, and whilst I hate to admit it, not doing very well.
Breakfast is usually cereal topped with fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, apricots, or a mix of all of them or the fruit with yogurt and a topping of cereal), a main meal around midday where I try to eat healthily, and then a snack late in the afternoon, which is usually fruit again.

I have a blood test on Monday, the three monthly one to check on my cholesterol and sugars. Whilst I have not had a single grape since the last one, I have been knocking back other fruit and have probably done myself no favours.
With the cost of living crisis taking hold, the price of alternatives is disheartening, and fruit has seemed the easiest solution for me. I seriously think I have overdone it and eaten too much of it. My wee is probably fermenting alcohol.
An apple and lump of cheese is fine and fruit salads are OK as a dessert, but they don’t exactly fill you up as a ‘main’ meal do they.

The last jacket potatoes I bought turned green in the veg rack and began to sprout, so they are now planted outside and put to better use. Salads are OK in the short term,
but finding something to go with it can be difficult. I was tempted to buy myself some prawns this week until I saw the price of them………….. almost £20 per kilo according to the label on the freezer shelf, and the cheaper packs did not resemble prawns at all, they were so tiny! I would usually buy a 500g bag for about £4 and get five meals out of it.

The weight has been ‘bouncy’ this week as I weigh myself every day (not recommended by the professionals but works for me) and I seem to have lost what I put on last week.
How, I have no idea to be honest as my sweet tooth is now in overdrive and my middle name is Nibbler.
Maybe there is some truth in this


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4 Responses to Saturday Swapit #20

  1. Paula Light says:

    Fruit is expensive! Berries anyway, so I save them for a treat and stick with an apple a day and sometimes bananas. Raw, crunchy carrots can satisfy my sweet tooth for a while, plus they’re fun to eat. I find that if I increase my protein I don’t have so many cravings. I’d love to buy seafood, but it’s so pricey, so again that’s a rare treat. I find eggs work well for protein ~ I poach them to avoid adding fat, or I hard boil them to take to work. Sometimes I’ll scramble them with a bit of cheese to be wild & crazy! I have been eating more prepared dishes that contain chicken to up my protein number…

    • Thanks Paula. Bananas have been pretty poor quality lately, but I bought three the other day for 43p so not badly priced. Apples have shot up to almost £2 for a pack of six, and the last single apple I bought cost me 83p! Pears are similarly priced, and whilst I like them occasionally, I am not really a fan. I like raw carrots though, but they can give me toothache as the old gnashers aren’t as strong as they were and I have receding gums. Poached eggs are popular with both of us, and I’ll boil up half a dozen to put in sandwiches for a couple of days.

  2. Nope, Not Pam says:

    Fruits gone, I make sugar free jelly and put peaches/pears in it. I also made guava icecream this week.. tastes like strawberries for some unknown reason 🙄

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