Throwback Thursday #28 Ouchies, Owies, & Boo Boo’s

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Her guidelines are:
How did your family take care of minor injuries?
Did you have home remedies you used?
What was the typical way to care for a cold or flu at your house?
Were you pampered when you were sick/hurt or told to buck up and deal with it?
When you got sick as a kid did you stay home, or did you have to go to school?
Did a parent stay home with you, or did you fend for yourself?
Was a doctor visited when you had a minor injury or illness?
Did you ever have a major illness or injury growing up? How did it impact your life?

Mum was usually the one to come into me in the night when I had a coughing fit. As a child I had a weak chest and apparently at one stage there were concerns for my breathing so both of my parents were always vigilant. Dad was the one to soothe my grazed knees and tended my verruca. The damn thing nearly took his eye out when it popped out and the following morning I didn’t have so much as a scar even though it was deeply rooted.

Home remedies were hot lemon and honey or rum in hot milk for colds, though in later years, dad’s homemade wine was a fixer of all ills. My maternal grandfather swore by his blackberry wine, and didn’t have a cold from that first bottle until he died in 1981. To be honest, no cold would dare to take it on, it was that powerful.
We were always well cared for and fussed a little bit when we were sick, but not over pampered. If we felt unwell, we were never forced to go to school, but encouraged to stay home in bed, drink plenty, and keep warm. Both of my parents worked, but as older children, we could be trusted to stay in and do as we were told.

In those days, doctors made house calls with no problems if they were needed. I can remember an instance about having my temperature taken and said there was ‘no way he was sticking that thing in my mouth’, so it was put under my arm.

Apart from the usual childhood ailments (except chickenpox which I got when I was 32!), I was rarely ill as a child. Any illness was likely to be a chest infection if I had a cold, but I never broke any bones or needed any operations. I did knock myself out once at a friend’s house when I went pell-mell into an open window on her scooter. She ran to get my Mum while I was taken into their lounge with a cold compress on my noggin.  The window was intact, but I had cut my head and my friend and I spent the majority of the afternoon looking for any blood in the grass.


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13 Responses to Throwback Thursday #28 Ouchies, Owies, & Boo Boo’s

  1. murisopsis says:

    My grandmother was fond of oatmeal plasters applied to the back or chest for colds. They were so hot! I tried very hard not to get a cold!!! I attribute my dislike for liquor due to having to hold whiskey in my mouth for a toothache. And to this day I don’t drink citrus flavored soda pop because we were always give that when we had vomiting – there is a strong psychological connection….

    • Me and Vick’s vapour rub were on first name terms when I had a cold. My breathing always suffers and so I don’t sleep very well. I can remember someone suggesting flat lemonade when you felt sick, and added sugar to it to lose the fizz. My sister got a liking for lucazade and wondered why she was violently sick after drinking two bottles.

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks for joining us Di. It seems that your side of the pond had doctor’s visits. None here, in my area at least. It sounds like you were well taken care of. Thermometers were in constant use at my house. After all that is what decided if we stayed home or not. Cuts and scrapes were regular visitors to my body, but I can’t imagine traveling through a window.

  3. Maggie says:

    Di, you had your share of maladies, too. I suppose we all did. My Dad was also a good caretaker. I had to look up lucazade – that was a new term for me. Ouch with that head into the window! It is certainly good you were not severely injured. It is just like kids to look for the blood, too! I still keep Vick’s in my medicine cabinet today. Some things are still good remedies.

  4. My goodness! Your parents did take excellent care of you and your siblings and it sounds like things have been smooth sailing ever since too (well we all get stuff, some of it really horrible and you’ve had your time in that court too). I used to have a weak chest (I guess) too, until they yanked out my tonsils when I was about 5. After that I still got one really bad cold/flu per winter each year, usually over the Christmas break. Then as an adult, that stuff got serious and became bronchitis (which I’ve had three times, once it turned in pneumonia). Metholatum, Vicks, or eucalyptus oil are all excellent sources for clearing the pipes. I never knew this but it works too….rub a good portion of Vicks (or whatever) into the soles of your feet and put on some thick warm socks. The fumes really penetrate your whole body!

    • I had bronchitis when I was about 10 and had to stay at home. I remember I had measles, German measles and mumps all in the same year, the latter over Christmas and I wasn’t allowed any of the chocolate!!
      Other than that though, I was really lucky and had my few ‘illnesses’ as an adult.
      I’ve only ever had flu once and that hit me so hard in a matter of hours, I was flat on my back for a week.

  5. Carol anne says:

    Lol you and your friend looking for blood in the grass? Now there’s a sight. I’m glad you were never usually ill as a child. I was rarely ill either. X

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