Saturday Swapit #8

Welcome to Saturday Swapit, an invitation to moan about your diet frustrations or provide some tips for keeping on track and the pounds off.
If you’d like to join in, simply write a post about your experiences and pingback to this one, then leave a link to it in the comments.

I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional dietician or nutritionist. Anyone who wants or needs to lose serious weight should consult a medical professional or GP. This is not a diet programme.

Last week I asked what put you off about diets.
Val of murisopsis commented about snacks being a weakness and trying to plan menus in advance.
For my part, I learned that the yogurt I thought was good for me has been re calibrated and now isn’t, plus grapes is a weakness that I have had to stop buying because of the high sugar content. They will be reintroduced, but not for a while.
Melanie has added her thoughts too and some great memes!

Not sure what topic to go for this week as it’s been a bit of a mixed bag for me.
I maintained for SW last week and after Friday’s diabetic chat and my phone call on Wednesday, I decided to re-assess my diet and see what tweaking could be done.

I’ve found an alternative yogurt and can also have Quark on my fruit salads, both of which are only one syn for a generous serving. I treated myself to a bag of frozen prawns as I like to add an apple to the mix for more bite. I’ve had a couple of days where our main meal was late and what with Maya joining our family, my final meal has gone a bit by the wayside. Skipping meals is not usually a good way to lose weight in the long run,
but I’ve dropped a couple of pounds so I’m quite pleased. I am also being stricter with syns and not necessarily having 2 A and 2 B options every day. Basically, I am reverting back to the beginning when I first joined SW and wasn’t a target member. My weigh in day has changed from Sunday to Monday, not that it really makes a difference as I still text in in the morning.

So, have you designed your own diet from the successful bits of others you’ve tried?
Have you gone back to one that worked, or found one that worked better for you?

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10 Responses to Saturday Swapit #8

  1. murisopsis says:

    I haven’t tried any of the “fad” diets but many of my friends and co-workers have. From their experiences I came to the conclusion that they didn’t work in the long run. Though the amusement of watching them torture themselves with things like the “cabbage diet”, the “rainbow diet”, and even the “Paleo diet” was often overshadowed by some of the side effects! The old-fashioned fewer calories in and burn more calories has worked for me – the old diet and exercise routine. The pandemic has set me back on the exercise so I need to get back into that!

    • I tried the Mars Bar diet, liquid diets and micro diet. My supervisor at the bank was on a fruit diet….. 5 days fruit only, days 6 and 7 anything went. I didn’t see much difference, and a friend tried the F plan and said they’d got it wrong.. F didn’t stand for Fibre at all!

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  3. What great memes! I found them all so funny and yet so perfect for the subject! 😄 Here’s my link: and some thoughts. Great topic again this week….a mixed bag is never a bad thing IMO! 😀

  4. I have tried many diets. I have calorie counted, and my latest with a huge slimming company (low fat, vegetable diet) who helped me lose three stone. I found it an easy to keep to plan, when I was losing weight, but more difficult once I lost the weight. I haven’t been to any sessions since October. Life and dieting don’t mix at the moment. I emotionally eat, and I know that doesn’t help me, but chocolate helps keep my emotions in check.

    • Thanks for commenting. I’ve been at target for over two years and it is more difficult keeping there rather
      than losing it in the first place. In a way, I guess it’s good I’ve revisited the literature and having a tweak here and there!

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