Some you win…………..

I wasn’t worried about my diabetes check up today, and if anything was looking forward to my blood test results to see how things were going.

I went in with my check list as I like to keep my own record of what’s what.
Two nurses today, and basically things seem sort of OK.
I say sort of because it became obvious to me that the senior of the two was used to a tick list, and well, they don’t usually work for me. The second nurse took my blood pressure, and that was concerning.
Also, there was no record of my calcium levels having been checked as I’d asked and blood taken for it, so I may have to have another blood test.  No problem.

Let’s start with some good news though.

My cholesterol is down from 6.9 to 5.9, with the LDL down from 4.1 to 3.4 so the ezetimibe is doing something.
Seems though they have moved the goalposts and are now aiming for a total of 4 rather than 5 and LDL of 2.
I said that is unlikely to happen for me as my cholesterol has always been a bit on the high side. Still, I pointed out that it was going in the right direction after 6 months of meds and Nursey seemed happy.

My vitamin D level was 66, of what I don’t know, but apparently that is good.  She could not answer my question about vitamin D dosage which is something I will have to ask the Nurse who will be ringing me on Tuesday to discuss my diabetes.
(I thought that was what was supposed to happen today, so you can see what I mean about tick lists). I will also take up the matter of the calcium failure.

My sugar level is up from 41 last September to 43 last week. I can’t blame that on Sunday’s chocolate binge because that was after the blood test, but I confess to having had more sugary foods than I should have recently so the buck stops at me. Apparently as long as my sugars don’t exceed 48, I can continue to control my diabetes with diet.
Seems this chart is no longer used which is a shame as my levels before were around 4.
It also seems that I have been shooting myself in the foot again as regards grapes, and as a diabetic, I should only have 5 a day.
Oops. I didn’t know it was so few and I’ve been getting through 500g in three or 4 days so they are now off the menu for a while. Seems I should also avoid citrus fruit (not really a problem as I can’t eat oranges anyway) and go for apples, pears and bananas.
I bought a Gala apple today to show willing (58p), have a lovely conference pear in the fruit bowl (88p) and two bananas that are ripening fast. Bananas in the supermarket today were dire.  Mangoes, tomatoes and most veg are OK.
Nursey also said I should reduce my carbs. Hm. I prefer jacket potatoes or new potatoes cooked in their skins, but like rice and pasta which apparently are good for me.  I forgot to mention bread, which is usually wholemeal or half and half, two slices as toast or a sandwich, but not every day.

Now we come to my BP and I am really confused.
It was WAY higher than normal, and I questioned the way it was taken, ie, with my arm hanging down by my side as I sat in the chair. According to my little BP gizmo ‘How to take your blood pressure’ leaflet, my arm should be resting on a table or cushion, palm up, level with my heart.
The less senior nurse took it twice more and they settled on the lowest reading which was 152 over 82. Usually it’s around 127 over 75, so I was not happy about this at all.
I am now to take my BP twice in the morning and twice in the evening and record the figures, then take those, and my BP machine, to the surgery next week so that they can check them and also compare my machine with theirs.
Something else I can mention to the nurse when she calls on Tuesday.

Finishing on a good note though, she checked my feet and I have good circulation, a strong pulse and full sensitivity. I had warned her in advance to step back as I am ticklish and my reflex kick is hard.
So, I have fished my diabetes leaflet out of my SW pack and will be familiarizing myself with that in order to modify my diet.
When the nurse calls on Tuesday, I am also going to suggest that I have another blood test in 6 months to see how my sugars and cholesterol are doing rather than wait a year for my next diabetes check up.
Forewarned is forearmed and all that.


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27 Responses to Some you win…………..

  1. Michael says:

    Our levels seem to have a mind of their own I think. Though to be honest I am not always behaving when it comes to diet.
    My BP was 120/65 the other day the only part of me that seems to behave correctly.
    If we didn’t have to eat life would be so much easier.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only time I living a healthy lifestyle is when I’m asleep

  3. Sadje says:

    Blood pressure often is higher at the doctors office due to anxiety, it’s call white coat syndrome. The way the values are taken in UK is different from how it’s done here. So I don’t know about the cholesterol chart. Both the HbA1c and cholesterol values are an indication of how it’s been over the last 3 months. So eating food just before or after has no significant impact on them. Fruit has high glycemic index and not very desirable if you aren’t taking meds for diabetes. Apple, guavas are fine.

    • Thanks for this. It was 6 months between blood tests. I don’t usually suffer from white coat syndrome, but looking things up on how to take your BP (and the booklet in my pouch), having the arm dangle at your side is not right as it should have been on a table or arm of a chair, or at least resting on my lap. It’s OK today though.

      • Sadje says:

        For many months my doctor ignored my high BP readings because at home it was always in the range. But then he started me on meds telling me that with my family history and weight, it is wiser

    • A good doctors asks a patient to sit for 15 minutes. He should not take tea or food before blood pressure check.

  4. Lauren says:

    I think medical people try to make it confusing.

  5. I am thinking of giving up having everything checked, As an asthmatic, they seem duty bound to to keep harping on about how many times I use the inhaler and it is driving me mad!

    • I sometimes wonder if they are just reading a script which is why I hate it when they expect everyone to conform with a tick list rather than treat everyone as individuals. If you need your inhaler, of course you should use it.

  6. TanGental says:

    My BP used to be in a v normal range; then sometime last year my heart decided it was time for an atrial fibrillation to keep me on my toes. In and of itself that’s not a particular worry and there’s a procedure I may have later in the year that may correct it. The cardiologist said ‘if you have a BP machine might be an idea to keep an eye on it’. My wife has one though the booklet says, clearly, if you have an AF you may get an analogous reading. Are they kidding?! In the three weeks I’ve used it my BP, taken first thing in the am in bed with my hand as per what you describe has ranged form 115 over 90 to 156 over 110. I haven’t quite got a bingo card of all the possibilities in between but it won’t be long!

    • I know it fluctuates and looking back over the last couple of years mine is around 127 to 132 over 75 ish. Only twice has it gone over 80.
      It will be interesting to see what happens on Friday but I do intend to question how it was taken.

  7. in many ways, a doctor cannot help simply by prescribing medications. Oftentimes, our health awareness cannot be addressed in a clinic at all.

    Behaviors are not anything that can be quantified and certainly nothing to be ashamed of – medical visits have a way of making us feel like our body is sabotaging us – too high numbers – what did I do? why me? – and take our agency away.

    While we cannot reverse our chronological age, we have an amazing opportunity to learn in illness about how our behaviors – decisions that are largely unconscious – can shape our health and take us back to the root cause of them – so that we may go from surviving to thriving.

    My best wishes to you on your health journey.

    • Thank you. At the moment, my diabetes is controlled by diet and I have annual check ups. For my age (almost 66) I don’t think I’m doing too badly at all as I am active, eat a varied diet and overall in good health. I can’t ask for much more than that, so I am doing my best to look after myself.

      • excellent ! best wishes ! I look at the body and think of it as “eating for two” – our cells and our bacteria. Mostly Plant-based has served me well and allowed me to shed 60lbs. It hearkens back to let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Add behavior onto it – eating is our first behavior, right – then we can find ourselves in a cycle. Glad to see such awareness and sharing your journey. Best!

      • Thanks again. I’m over five stone lighter that I was 20 years ago which has helped a great deal, but I wasn’t diagnosed as T2 diabetic until 2011.
        Finally I’ve managed to keep my weight stable for over two years so I must be doing something right. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Carol anne says:

    Your still not doing too bad di! 43 is a good sugar reading, not ideal, but its ok, mine were 60 when I had bloods done recently!
    Yikes! Not good I know!

  9. murisopsis says:

    I have to go tomorrow for a checkup. I’m hoping all my numbers are good… But I have to accept that I may need some lifestyle changes. Sounds good that you can control the diabetes with diet and exercise!

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