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I haven’t done one of these for a while, but a lot of that is because the way we shop has changed since Hubby’s op in 2020 and then Covid took hold so I am now doing a bulk shop once a month for things like our UHT milk and top up as and when I need to.

I found my lists for pre Brexit and last January so have updated those, but before I add them to this post, a few things have also changed that aren’t included in either list.
Instant mash has gone up from 28p per 5 people serving to 35p, and the instant custard I buy has risen from 15p per packet to 23p.

Weights have changed considerably, and rather than the 880g of cheese I was getting, now it’s only 800g. The price may be the same as before, or perhaps a little less, but in most cases, you are actually getting less for your money pro rata.  In most supermarkets, the prices on the shelf also give you the cost per 100g. If you have the time, you may find that something that looks more expensive actually isn’t and it might work in your favour to pay the extra.

I used to buy a tray of 5 or 6 chicken breasts for the freezer, but now I am lucky to get 4 for my money. You could argue that possibly the weight is the same and the breasts are bigger, but I have always shopped for the number of dinners I can get out of a pack, so now I am down to four. I can’t say I’ve noticed that the meals stretch further either as a curry won’t do us two days.
Saying that, I still divide our kilo of minced beef into five packs, and if I make a chili or spaghetti bolognese, because I am adding a full tin of tomatoes (and kidney beans too for the chili) that is enough to do us for two days.
Our stew packs have also gone up slightly, but the quality of the produce therein is tired and we have discovered that by buying the swede and parsnips separate, we have enough to freeze down for a second three-day stew at a later date (which is actually what we’re having tomorrow).

We are lucky in that there are only the two of us and we are retired so have the time and means to shop around. Prices are on the rise though, maybe not as much of a hike as was originally thought, but some are definitely higher than a year or two ago.

This first chart is a comparison from January 2021 to February 4th 2022.

This second chart is before Brexit to Feb 2022.

Those highlighted in yellow are where we have switched brands for whatever reason ,  those in grey are things we don’t buy at the moment, and the differences boxed in pale blue are things that have actually reduced.
From what we buy, there is not really a lot of difference.
Hope you find this useful.




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6 Responses to Shopping comparisons

  1. KL Caley says:

    Great post Di. We’ve definitely seen an increase. Have you heard of Jack Monroe? She raised alot of awareness about this is many of the budget price things such as rice, pasta, stock cubes have all gone up considerably more than the rates the govt were stating. Stock cubes from 17p to 35p for example. Like you say many have reduced size to keep the price the same which is a little misleading too. KL ❤️

    • No, I haven’t heard of her.
      Budgets are my thing though and I am always trying to save money. My stock cubes are a shop brand and 39p for 12.
      We noticed a reduction in the size of tuna fish, but only when we got the four pack home and compared it to one we
      already had. One tin is only enough for one salad now or as I did today, tuna fishcakes for the two of us.
      We pay 30p for 500g of pasta quills, or 20p for 500g of stick spaghetti. 1kg of rice will cost us 45p.
      The supermarkets are sneaky too in having things ‘out of stock’ for a couple of weeks so as to only have the more expensive brands available or ready to implement new sizes for the same price that no-one notices. My breakfast cereal stayed the same price but I was getting through it really fast. Turns out my box of 500g was reduced to 400g, then 380g and now currently 350g. I don’t buy it now and have something else. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Things here have increased. The can are smaller so you get as many as before.

  3. murisopsis says:

    It is the same all over. Here the packages are getting smaller and the price is staying the same. We bought ice cream and they used to be 64 oz. now they are only 48 oz. but the same price!! At least you can see that the amount is less as the packages are smaller – the cereal boxes are the same size but less full and unless you really check you can be fooled!!

    • I know what you mean about packet size. It;s the same with chocolate bars……. the packet is the same but you can push the bar up to one end and have a good inch spare!!

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