Twenty Twenty Seven

Fandango’s Provocative Question this week is

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Fandango remembers this as an interviewer’s question and so do I.
I never really had a comeback and wondered if I should have commented about climbing up the company’s ladder, or improving procedures, or even being in the interviewer’s shoes asking such questions.

But, where do I see myself in five years time?
If you’d asked me that five years ago, I would not have expected to find myself a breast cancer survivor, an orphan after Mum died in 2018, and still on the boat.
But for 2027?
Hopefully I’ll be in as good health five years on as I am now with Hubby by my side.
Location wise we cannot see ourselves moving just yet, unless for some reason we are unable to drive or have no vehicle. Then we would have to consider moving closer to a larger town for health care.
We will probably still be wearing masks when we go out and avoiding crowded places, and boosters will be twice a year in addition to flu and pneumonia jabs.
Financially we will be plodding on. We were struggling five years ago but got to grips with it, so that will continue. We are good at cutting our cloth to suit our purse and living within our means. However, the Government will probably put the kibosh on all of that so we will still be struggling.
Within five years though, we will have a dog, of that I am certain.


About pensitivity101

I am a retired number cruncher with a vivid imagination and wacky sense of humour which extends to short stories and poetry. I love to cook and am a bit of a dog whisperer as I get on better with them than people sometimes! In November 2020, we lost our beloved Maggie who adopted us as a 7 week old pup in March 2005. We decided to have a photo put on canvas as we had for her predecessor Barney. We now have three pictures of our fur babies on the wall as we found a snapshot of Kizzy, my GSD when Hubby and I first met so had hers done too. On February 24th 2022 we were blessed to find Maya, a 13 week old GSD pup who has made her own place in our hearts. You can follow our training methods, photos and her growth in my blog posts. From 2014 to 2017 'Home' was a 41 foot narrow boat where we made strong friendships both on and off the water. We were close to nature enjoying swan and duck families for neighbours, and it was a fascinating chapter in our lives. We now reside in a small bungalow on the Lincolnshire coast where we have forged new friendships and interests.
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15 Responses to Twenty Twenty Seven

  1. Fandango says:

    Like you, I hope to be in good health (i.e., alive and kickinโ€™) five years from now and also with my spouse by my side. Will we have another dog? Of that I canโ€™t be certain. At my age, a young dog would probably outlive me unless we got a senior rescue dog.

    • We thought about that too, and accept that this new puppy will be the last pup we have, but not necessarily the last dog. Maggie was almost 16 when we lost her, so we will be in our 80s if the pup lives as long.

  2. Carol anne says:

    Nice answer Di! I never really know how to answer that type of question in an interview!

  3. willowdot21 says:

    I hope you have all you need to be comfortable in 5 years time ๐Ÿ’œ

  4. I doubt I’ll get a puppy when Annie is no longer with me
    I will go back to rescuing a senior dog again

    Aging is much better when shared with a loved one.

  5. murisopsis says:

    My friend saintvi is looking for a dog too. She thought she had a lead on one but there were only 4 pups and she wasn’t quick enough… I’m sure that in 5 years you’ll have your fur baby!

    • Thanks Val. We have feelers out. I had a call last night, but the more the guy talked, the twitchier I got. We had said within a 40 mile radius of home and he was 134 miles away. He offered to bring the pup (one of three) to us, then I asked about Mum and he said he’d send a video call (my phone doesn’t take them anyway). We are hoping to be able to see pups in their own environment with Mum, and dad if possible, and let the puppy chose us as both Maggie and Barney did. 134 miles is too far for us, and not fair on a young pup.

  6. Sadje says:

    I hope you find a good puppy to match you.

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