Saturday Swapit #3

Here we are with another Saturday Swapit which I hope readers are finding supportive, helpful and interesting.
There are so many reasons why despite our best intentions, something crops up and we find ourselves reaching for the biscuit tin or buying the biggest danish pastry or pack of doughnuts to console ourselves.
Comfort eating is so very common, and Melanie explains it better than I ever could here

I am not, nor do I claim to be, a professional dietician or nutritionist. Anyone who wants or needs to lose serious weight should consult a medical professional or GP. This is not a diet programme.

I have been keeping a food diary for over 5 years now and find it a godsend. It helps me keep track of what I’m eating,  and also when, so I am not having the same thing every day and can ring the changes.
For years I thought being on a diet meant salads and all things green. It got boring pretty quickly and so unsurprisingly, the plan was kicked into touch after a few weeks.
Too much salad is actually bad for me as there is no bulk to it and I retain the water, hence weight gain. That is soul destroying when you have been religiously sticking to whatever plan you’re on and see no results, or the scales are galloping off in the wrong direction. I actually found having a portion of chips with a salad wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but opt for wedges as they can be done in the oven without oil. Sadly Hubby can’t eat them, so I haven’t replaced the pack I’ve just finished in the freezer.
Looking through my photos for something else, I came across this:
This is actually one of my chili’s on a bed of shredded lettuce and cucumber. This entire meal would be classed as ‘free’ on SW with the salad and tomatoes being speed food and fitting the bill of filling your plate with one third speed food.

Something else that is upsetting when you have really applied yourself to the task of weight loss is the dreaded Plateau! We all get there……….. and stay …… and eventually feel like throwing in the towel as we can’t see the point anymore because the needle on the scales won’t budge.
It’s a swine isn’t it, but what can you do? IMO a bit of mind juggling is called for and you turn it around. OK, you’re not losing anything, but you’re not gaining anything either are you. That’s a good thing!
If you’re keeping a food diary, you can go back a few months to a ‘good week’ and see what you were eating which generated a loss and compare it to what you’re eating currently. Maybe you’re trying too hard and although eating all the right things, maybe ‘too much’ of the right things. I got caught like that with eggs.
I was having boiled eggs or omelettes because they were ‘free food’ and filling. Hm. Not a good thing for me practically every day though, so I think some diets suggest limiting yourself to three eggs a week. I was having around 6 to 8. Now it’s probably 2.
Basically, the key is balance, and joking aside about a cake in one hand and bar of chocolate in the other, we also need variety.

So, what has seen you through potential comfort eating phases?
Did you come off plan when you reached a plateau for a couple of weeks and then start again or did you give up altogether?
What do you do if you’re not a fan of fruit and veg?
What are your go-to nibbles?
List five ways you can serve chicken.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and tips. To join in, create a post and pingback to this one, then leave a link to yours in the comments.



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11 Responses to Saturday Swapit #3

  1. My life has become rather frantic these last few months, so would appreciate remembering what I ate and when. Just a shame that I’m not one of those people who lose weight when I worry!

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  4. Here’s my late in the day contribution Di.

    Thank you so much for the nod too. I’m honored! ☺

  5. Hi Di,
    I loved this post especially since my family is very much involved in fitness.
    I was surprised to read the comment about salad and water retention (never read that before).
    I do know that salad dressing is responsible for dieters gaining or not losing weight eating salads.
    The chili dish looks yummie.
    I’ll have to add this prompt to my ‘new list’ and hope a belated post is okay. 🙂

    • Hi June.
      Please join in if you wish, I’m linking back to participating posts the following week, so there’s no rush.
      The salad thing came about from my G.P in Poole. I’d kept a diary of everything I was eating as I was calculating carbs, calories and proteins in my desperation to get my weight under control. Despite eating salad every day, with no dressings, I was still gaining weight and so armed with my diary, I made an appointment with my GP. She was wonderful and said that I had screwed my system up so much with diet fads over the years, now my body stored everything, including water from salad stuff. She told me to forget dieting (but to eat sensibly) and give my body a chance to get itself out of the permanent panic/starvation mode I’d put it in, and arranged a series of blood tests over the next few months to rule out anything else that might be going on. It was the best advice I ever had, and within 6 months, I’d managed to lose almost a stone. What did come to light was that if my hormone levels were text book, I was unwell but if they were all over the place, everything was fine. I’m just ‘one of those people’ which is why I resent doctor’s tick lists and charts.

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