And now for something completely different…………

I’m talking about shampoo.

Gone are the days of dry, normal and greasy choices. Even the medicated stuff has strings attached. There is just so much on the market, when all I want to do is wash my hair and not smell like a fruit salad or something off a production line of Chanel.
As an aside, I still have a bottle of Oscar de la Renta perfume like this from 32 years ago and it still smells good because I’ve kept it in the dark….. but I digress………..

When we were on the boat, we’d use the showers on the marina and had a small bottle each of shower gel which doubled up as shampoo. It was great, cheap, and worked.
My hair is still long and tends to be dry at the ends but greasy against my scalp after several days, which I hate as I feel like I’m combing it through treacle.
The water is harder here, and getting a lather requires more of the soapy goo, and that includes shampoo. After my surgery, it was recommended I use a cream shower gel, which turned out to be a lousy for washing hair but good for my skin.
So, I reverted to the cheapies of yesteryear which were good value, smelt OK and I could get one for greasy hair…………. or not. I eventually settled on a lychee and coconut blend which was pretty good for a year or two, until they improved the formula.

I decided to splash out a bit and bought one of the popular designer shampoos for shiny, tangle free hair (OK, it was on special offer for £2) and was rather nice. It suited me, a little went a long way and I had no problem at all……….. until I couldn’t get it any more (sigh).
I bought an alternative in the same range, this time for smooth and sleek hair, and thought I’d got it sussed.
Smooth and sleek means sticking your hair together and not being able to get rid of the residue. It is dreadful, and I hate it, so for the moment I am using baby shampoo, no more tears stuff, the real McCoy, and not cheap. Babies don’t complain, but for me, I am still not happy as the shampoo is thin and doesn’t lather that well at all. Also, it does not suit my hair type and I am washing it again after two or three days.

After the Christmas rush and sales are over, I shall be checking out the shampoo counters and see what else is available. Apples sound a good bet
provided it hasn’t been new and improved.


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14 Responses to And now for something completely different…………

  1. I struggle to find a shampoo without scents. It is very difficult. I agree baby shampoo doesn’t cut it. Good luck on your hunt for a good product.

  2. I’ve used “Suave” (green apple *snicker*) for years. I’ve tried other stuff, which in theory is supposed to help with ‘thin’ hair, but I always end up back with Suave. They had a wild strawberry scented one that they’ve discontinued, but which actually smelled like fresh strawberries if one likes any scent. Neither is overpowering in scent and lather and rinse out efficiently. Suave is cheap and you get good value for your money. I hope you’re successful in finding one that works for you!

    • Thanks Melanie! I shall look them up and see if it’s available over here.
      Hope you and Ziggy are having a pleasant day. Ours is nearly over and although I’ve overeaten, most of that has been veg (green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sprouts and potatoes)
      The Christmas puds will be had tomorrow then it’s back to the diet plan!!

    • I have a problem with finding no scent. I had a very good one but it was discontinued a long time ago. I need to buy one now. I had a hairstylist tale me you can cut in half and will work. I did it for several years and it work.

  3. murisopsis says:

    I know that search! I use a tar shampoo for my seborrheic dermatitis but it is very expensive so only use it once a week. Which means I have tried lots of other shampoos. I have to agree that the Suave is very good and not too expensive. I am currently using “ocean breeze” scent. It is fresh and not flowery or fruity. I got a big 32 oz. bottle for $1.99 but when I went to pay discovered it was buy one get one free so I dashed back and got a second one! (I checked the conversion rate – $1 USD = 0.75 GBP)

  4. Sadje says:

    I use tresseme, keratin shampoo. It’s great.

  5. authorfleurl says:

    I feel your pain. I’ve found purple shampoo and conditioner. It’s great on my hair, especially as I’m embracing my grey regrowth. I need only wash onc a fortnight at a push, otherwise weekly. But yes. There is far too much choice now. Makes for a lot of confusion and price comparison so we don’t pay a king’s ransom.

    • Thanks for commenting. My hair is almost down to my waist, fine, but a lot of it so it can frizz. Still got most of my natural colour, but the grey is more like dual carriageways than streaks now!

  6. Carol anne says:

    I hope you find a good one that’ll work for your hair type! I use elle vive. xo

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