Movie dialogue?

Fandango has a fun question for us this week.

What movie, if any, can you practically quote from start to finish?

I have my favourite movies, some I felt I had seen so often I could act them on my own.
I’ve seen The Sound of Music at least 8 times, and remember the words from all of the songs, so does that count?

I’ve also see Arnie in The Terminator at least 25 times, and remember the date The Machine and Reese travel back to, as it’s my birthday, May 12th.

We have a wide selection of DVDs and have watched most of them three or four times.
We used to play a game with film quotes, and whilst I might not remember the entire script, I do remember the story.

Favourites (that we still have) are
The Terminator (and sequels)
Hunger Games
Fast and Furious franchise (not Hobbs and Shaw)
Underworld franchise
Battle Los Angeles
Olympus/London/Angel has fallen
and in contrast
The Incredibles
Despicable Me
Flushed Away


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15 Responses to Movie dialogue?

  1. I admire your variety of genres.

    • When we bought the boat and had to give most of our things away, we donated over 300 DVDs and videos to the charity shop. We still have over 100 titles, including animations.

  2. murisopsis says:

    I enjoyed the Terminator series too. Despicable Me is a favorite too!

  3. Fandango says:

    You have a rather eclectic taste in movies! 😉

    • Not much is of interest at the moment though Fandango. It’s old stories with new actors, but not necessarily new ideas. That’s one reason we liked Daybreakers, as it was a new tilt on an old story.

  4. John Holton says:

    Mine are all comedies: “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Blazing Saddles,” and “Caddyshack.”

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Our family used to do a movie quote game, too. Lots of fun with that. I’d say one movie we could almost quote the whole thing would be Dazed and Confused. 🙂

  6. Hammad Rais says:

    This is quite a list, though I would only pick the animated ones from it.

  7. I like the first 2 terminator films, the others haven’t done it for me.
    One film I can quote all the dialogue from is On The Waterfront, the 1950’s Brando film as well as Giant, well James Dean’s lines anyway!

  8. Quite a range of movies! I had a mixed list too, and I’d forgotten about the anime ones. I can probably quote the whole script from “Sing!” for instance. Heh. Great question today! 🙂

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