Almost there

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The cooker and hob are IN! Everything works and we are almost there as there are some trimmings and finishing touches to do.

Our fitter moved the gas tap, fitted the hob in place for us, and then helped Hubby lift the cooker into the unit. It really does look good and we are very pleased.
September 2017
This was the kitchen when we moved in with a gas hob and electric oven, neither of which worked properly.
In April 2018 we replaced the cooker and bought a free standing all electric Belling fan oven. It is one of the most disappointing items I have ever purchased.
This started to rust under the hob which had become terribly scratched even though we were really careful, and when we tried to contact the insurance company under the extended warranty, they didn’t exist.
I have never used the grill and may well keep the tray and cooling rack if we don’t sell it. It works OK though, and if someone gave me £50 for it, I’d be happy as it will do someone a turn for quite a while I think.

Having spent a small fortune on a new gas hob and electric fan oven, Hubby customised a 600mm base cabinet as we couldn’t get a proper housing unit, and has done a good job.
He was up early disconnecting the old cooker and getting as much ready for our fitter as he could. We discovered the unit didn’t fit which was an oversight on our part of not adjusting the worktop by the 5mm we needed, then when it did go in, it stuck out so when we left for Hubby’s INR, neither of us were happy as we didn’t quite know what to do about it.
We both came up with the same solution of moving the existing worktop out to meet it, and one of the jobs tomorrow is to buy a wider trim to finish off worktop/tiles all round the kitchen. The metal for the worktop has worked a treat.
We have a board to put into position at the bottom of the unit but there were no fixings with it, so that is another thing to buy tomorrow.
Here’s a taster of what it looks like now.


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  1. murisopsis says:

    Wow! That looks like a very professional job!! The old unit looks very nice – almost like new even! I’m sure that with the price of new, that someone will to purchase it used and in good working order… I’m sure that you can get whatever price you ask!!

  2. Sadje says:

    Congratulations Di on the new cooker. Enjoy it.

  3. Archon's Den says:

    During an archaeological excavation, an ancient Fibbing Friday was unearthed. After brushing off all the dust and detritus, I carefully placed it here.

  4. This is my favourite combination too…

  5. WOW! Your hubby is a professional, even if he doesn’t have the proper title nor get the big bucks those people do. How lovely for you both! ❤

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