Bolts, screws and hinges

Fence repairs hold a whole catalogue of memories, some amusing and some frustrating.
Usually the weather is kind and we can do the job in a sensible time frame.
Getting the four inch fence post and repair spike was straightforward enough, and after dropping them off at home, we went into town to do the most important thing that needed doing today, and that was going into the bank.
We managed to park outside and got the business done in a few minutes. We are doing very well and all is looking good.
We got a lasagna for lunch plus some fruit and a few items to replace our stock, then headed home for a cuppa before we started work.

As I said in my ‘Today is…….’ post, the only thing holding the fence up was the gate bolt. Hubby managed to support the fence with rope so that he could remove the damaged post, then dig out the rotten wood and hammer in the repair spike. Whoever invented them gets my vote. That in position, the new post slotted in with the minimum of effort and I had a ball banging in 8″ nails with the lump hammer.
Now all we needed to do was rehang the gate.

‘All we needed to do……….’ was the required cue for the gods to rain on our parade and what started as a drizzly shower soon turned into a heavier brute. The wind picked up too.
The gate naturally didn’t fit now so Hubby had to shave some off the side. We donned our yellows and set to with me acting as bench vice and holding-on-er, the rain getting heavier by the minute, but we had to get the job done as a matter of security. Bear in mind that although we do a lot of DIY, Hubby has basic tools, his bench vice/work mate is me, and improvising fits in every time we so much as take a screw out of the box or raise a hammer.
The gate ‘designer stubble’ now on the back lawn, Hubby fitted the hinges, then propped up the gate with my help to secure it to the new post. The bottom half of us was soaked by now and it still didn’t fit properly. Hubby sent me indoors while he secured the gate as best he could. Nothing was lining up for him so we will have to finish the job tomorrow. It will probably be easier to trim the jamb on the other side rather than faff around with an obstinate (and very heavy) gate and bitchy hinges.
Not a good start to the week/month.
But we won’t be defeated.

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11 Responses to Bolts, screws and hinges

  1. SarahC says:

    Enjoying this lol
    Mr and I team up on water heater this week
    Removal of the old one is done✔️ but holy cow that floor👷‍♂️👷‍♂️

  2. Perseverance is in your tool kit I’d say, and a lot of grit to work on until the job is finished. You’ll get there in a timely manner, even if it was frustrating as hell to get it over with. Best wishes and I hope you had a good hot soak or shower and a big cup of hot tea (or beverage) after you came back inside. Yippee for ‘winter’, right? 😉 Take care!

  3. murisopsis says:

    Wow! And I had assumed it was a quick fix… Hope the weather holds for tomorrow and the rest of the repair.

  4. Carol anne says:

    Well shoot! I’m sorry it wasnt smooth sailing! But well, don’t give up! 😉

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