People Watching in a Car Park

I haven’t had the chance to people watch for some considerable time, so sitting in the car yesterday waiting for Hubby gave me an opportunity.
I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it did seem a little ‘odd’,  though there could have been a perfectly good reason for it.

A elderly lady and her husband were by their car which was about 8 bays away from mine, but there were no vehicles between us. The man had got out of a wheelchair that had been pushed by an orderly, who then retreated with said hospital wheelchair.
This is where it gets confusing.
The wife was standing by as the old boy collapsed another wheelchair to attach to a hoist in the back of his car. I don’t know where that came from, unless she had been in it and I didn’t see that when they caught my attention.

I was fascinated watching the hoist lifting the folded chair into the boot of the car though, especially as he was having quite a bit of trouble.………. not only with the maneuver, but keeping himself upright.
His wife had by this time got into the passenger seat and was doing her hair!
He had to restart the task a couple of times, but eventually got the chair into the correct position , secured it and the hoist in place, and closed the boot door.
This took about ten minutes.
He leaned against the roof of the car and I thought for one horrible moment he was going to collapse. Wifey was still preening herself, seemingly oblivious of his discomfort.
Holding on to the side of the vehicle, he moved round to the driver’s side and got in.
He seemed a little breathless, and it took several minutes for him to get comfortable and prepare to drive away.
Backing out of the parking space was slow and painstakingly careful. Luckily there were no other vehicles around and it got me wondering.
Why didn’t she help him with the chair and hoist?
Should he be driving at his age?
Was he actually safe to drive?

Obviously I will never know, but it made me grateful that Hubby and I both drive and when he had his mobility scooter in 2010, both of us had a hand in getting it in and out of the boot of the car on ramps as we had no hoist.
We both agree that getting old sucks.


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25 Responses to People Watching in a Car Park

  1. Chel Owens says:

    Amen. And that is odd. Perhaps, also, she knows he’s sensitive to her helping. 🤷‍♀️

  2. cagedunn says:

    It’s only the body that ages, not the mind – but yeah, it sucks.

  3. murisopsis says:

    People watching is one of my favorite pastimes! I’ve noticed an element of pride among the male of the species. That might have been on display….

  4. I can’t imagine what things will be like if I couldn’t drive.

    • One of the few good things to come out of my first marriage………another was custody of the dog and car, plus the loan for the latter!!

    • rugby843 says:

      It’s horrid. I stopped in 2012 when my legs were no longer under my control. I was lucky to be a few hundred feet from home when I had trouble with the gas pedal foot. Drove right home, parked it. I miss driving and the independence of it so much but I would never drive again

  5. Sadje says:

    He might have been insisting that he can do it, both the stowing away of the chair and driving. Some men are like that.

  6. Chel Owens says:

    I think my comment never posted. I suggested maybe she knows he’s bothered if she helps.

  7. scifihammy says:

    It is very odd!
    But yep, getting old does suck.

  8. rugby843 says:

    Yes some ifitfies😂Also waiting in a parking lot an old woman took about five minutes getting her legs out of her drivers seat. Then had to stand a while, then barely walked with a cane into the doc office. She should never have been driving😳

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