True Spaghetti, Fake Noodles or Merely All Impastas?

Love the title from Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke for his 24 Hour Blog Question.
The image is pretty good too!
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Rory asks
Do you watch or listen or read the news?

If you do – how do you do so? Which media do you trust today to deliver sound newsworthy stories that you believe?

Fake news has been around for a very long time – centuries in fact – and it’s not a recent phenomenon. Today we have fake news and propaganda aplenty – anyone and everyone can become an online journalist or an editor – create a headline, write a small story and then with the press of a button the world can start to read their story – be this true or false – the world is reading what has been written.

So his questions this week are:

Are you able to spot fake news and if you can – how do you go about it?
If YOU were planning on creating a fake news story – what topic would you select and why?
How would you create a fake news story that was credible and believable?

I find the news today little more than doom and gloom and am extremely grateful we don’t have a TV. The headlines in the newspapers on the shelves are already out of date, and those on the internet can be amusing or confusing in their contradictions or reports of events as current when they actually happened months ago.

So in answer to Rory’s questions, and perhaps a little
here are my responses.

Are you able to spot fake news and if you can – how do you go about it?
It is said that truth is stranger than fiction and some of the stuff that is in the news beggars belief.
One headline today was that a woman was going to oust her husband and unborn child out of the marital home if the child was allergic to cats. If I were her husband, I’d take the cats, move out and leave her with the baby.
However, saying that, I will always try to read at least three reports on something that is of interest or importance to me.

If YOU were planning on creating a fake news story – what topic would you select and why?
A certain couple always get my back up and I find it pathetic that in one report they are not coming to the UK and in the next they are.
If they do, it would only be to upstage someone or something else, which is equally as pathetic as the reports are. I think they write them themselves anyway to maintain the limelight.
It is taking a considerable time for them to realise that many of the UK population don’t want them here, and aren’t particularly interested in anything they have to do or say anyway. The Australian media have their opinion on that to an art.

How would you create a fake news story that was credible and believable?
I suppose I would have to have a fair bit of knowledge about a topic to make it sound feasible.This would mean research and groundwork, but then how would I know what information I was finding was truth or fiction?

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7 Responses to True Spaghetti, Fake Noodles or Merely All Impastas?

  1. Carol anne says:

    great answers di! xo

  2. aguycalledbloke says:

    Oh arry, l wonder who me g han that couple might be ….

    Good answers Di.

    I recently also spotted a post of yours sitting in my pending file. My appologies for delay, WP are playing silly plonkers again and hiding things …

  3. murisopsis says:

    The best lies have a sprinkling of truth… All you have to do is start off with an accepted fact and then turn it a little as a jumping off place to introduce falsehood. Lastly you need to repeat it over and over and pretty soon people believe. We are a gullible group.

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