Here’s a thought for you………… or not

Have you ever thought about the number of chocolates, sweets or biscuits you get in a pack? I ask because one of the things I always look for when shopping is weights and value for money.
Too often the price and wrapping may be the same but the weight has changed. Another ploy is that we are distracted by flash stickers stating it’s a New Improved Recipe so that we don’t really notice. That is until we discover our ‘usual pack’ doesn’t last as long as it used to. I found this with cereal, and what was originally 475g was reduced to 425g and after a ‘shortage on the shelves’ is now only 375g for the original price. I stopped buying it.

Years ago, the ads always asked if you’d give someone your last rolo.  Now the mini packs have 7 rolos in them, the standard pack 11, and the big ones 17, or they did. What is the significance I hear you ask.
Well, not only are they odd numbers so not divisible by 2, but they are all prime numbers, so there will always be ‘one’ left over. So would you, give someone your last one?
(This was also the same for Munchies, but they had 13 in a pack, though I don’t know if they still do as I haven’t bought any for a while.)

Today I am talking about gingernut biscuits.
Hubby and I both love them, and in recent mouths months they are one of the few treats Hubby can have with confidence of no repercussions and they are very dunkable.
Ginger is also good for us, and when Hubby’s indigestion is really playing up, he will chew on a tiny piece of fresh ginger root. He has recently discovered that if this has been frozen, it works even better. Recently, he has been getting through a fair amount of biscuits, and we have noticed that although the weight of the pack is the same (300g), we are being shortchanged insomuch as instead of 30 biscuits, we are only getting 29. They aren’t any bigger either, so why this sudden change?
Maybe someone on the production line is also very partial to gingernuts and as part of their quality control, has to sample one from each pack before being sealed.


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27 Responses to Here’s a thought for you………… or not

  1. UnstableTrip says:

    Never looked at it but now I’m definitely going to pay more attention!

  2. Paula Light says:

    A gingernut thief! Yes, I try to pay attention to price per ounce or whatever. They do try to trick us with that stuff, absolutely. Also, I watch for the “specials” that aren’t. For example, Mother’s frosted cookies for kids comes in pink & white circus animals or purple & white mythical creatures, and both bags are the same price. But the mythical creatures bag weighs less! I got them for a party, but now I’m back to pink & white for normal times…

    • I think the consumer has got wise now. Special offers sometimes aren’t, and I discovered that 2 packs of 12 beef stock cubes were cheaper than
      buying a box of 24 on ‘special’.

    • I miss the chocolate iced critters that used to be those Mothers cookies. I guess chocolate (which hasn’t been offered for some time now) was too ‘special’? 😉

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    Seems this happens with a lot of products. I mostly don’t notice, but one item we use a lot is packages of frozen breaded shrimp that you bake. I for some reason count how many are in the package, and it’s always different. Sometimes there are 10, then another pkg. 13, or 11 or 12 another time. I guess they go by weight? Who knows. haha. 🙂

    • Weight is indeed key as the shrimp varies in size. I sometimes buy frozen prawns and the pack says it contains 3 portions, but just for me I can get at least 5 out of it.

  4. eob2 says:

    This is so true of many items, I also notice these changes. Is all that packaging necessary, it used to not be so why now? Profit.

  5. rugby843 says:

    Everything is smaller, vacuum packed, and costs more. However the “living wage” does not keep up.

    • Exactly. I’ve lost my sense of money because I don’t understand how people earning ten times as much as our joint income aren’t able to manage, yet those in the poorer wage bracket are expected to. At least we don’t have a mortgage to pay and are debt free.

  6. I noticed the type of coffee I usually buy has shrunk the package size. I knew it was coming though because of the issues with growing coffee in addition to transport into the country because of COVID, and Hooghly I don’t know why because we have more COVID here than almost anywhere else on the planet.

    • Over here in the UK it’s either Covid or Brexit being given as the excuse for not having stuff or sub standard quality. We respond quite simply, either by not buying it or finding an alternative. I’m not much of a coffee drinker as a rule, but Kenco Decaf has been on special offer at just under £2.50 for a 100g jar.

  7. Liz says:

    I love how you crossed out mouths, before writing months. That gave me a giggle.
    I have not counted my biscuits and I am not going to start, because I probably will become a bugger for it and an extra excuse for biscuits. 😁 But packets, or individual bars is something I have noticed in in the past where they have shrunken, but the price hasn’t.

  8. cagedunn says:

    I’ll have to go work in the gingernut bikkie factory if I get to taste-test one from each pack.

    Seriously, it’s noticeable that packaging appears to be the same, but contents flop around in a lot of extra space. Even toothpaste, shampoo, jam, etc.

  9. It’s great to find that someone else noticed that phenomenon. I thought I was just being strange again. I recently bought a six pack of orange soda and didn’t really LOOK at it. (I only indulge in orange soda once in a great while btw, so I’m not totally ignoring my diabetes).. Anyway when *I got them home I noticed the bottles were more slender and thin than before. I thought ??! 🤔😮because apparently there is some kind of plastic shortage being touted about over here (maybe it’s world wide, but I’m still not apt to watch the news) and I thought maybe that was why. The manufacturer says the weight is the same because the new containers are longer while being thinner, but I have my suspicions that they just found another way to cut the quantity corner. 😦

    • Probably a ruse to get you used to the new shape and then they’ll play the quantity card.
      We found it with breakfast cereal and more recently porridge! The pack is a different shape, shorter and more squat, but the weight is still 1kg. However, what is actually inside does not resemble the oats we remember as it is more like dust!

      • I notice the difference we buy certain food, I feel it away to raise prices. Several months ago, I was in a supercenter. The selves were being stocked with cans and packages were just a tiny difference. There was a price hike. I wonder how many realize it.

      • Most people seem to buy on remote control then get a shock when they come to pay at the counter. I’ve always kept an eye on prices since getting caught several years ago and wondering why we were eating so much when in fact the weight had reduced considerably by the equivalent of 4 breakfasts.

  10. murisopsis says:

    It is happening everywhere! My big thing is potato chips (crisps). We used to get a big bag of 18 oz. and it was called “the party size”, now the party size is 14.75 oz! Of course the bag always was mostly air (to prevent crushing) but now we’ve got more air and less chips for the same price.

  11. I make a point to check the price per weight of meats but never thought to check biscuits.

    As for your husband’s ginger craving, I buy big chunks of ginger, peel, roughly slice, then freeze. They defrost quickly for finer chopping and its like having a never ending supply in a little zip lock.

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