Monday Peeve: 26th July

Paula’s Monday Peeve gives us the chance to whinge and rant about something that really pisses us off. Today we had a classic.
I often moan about our doctors surgery here and how service and healthcare is seriously lacking, so it is no surprise that our surgery has been voted the worst in the county.
Today we saw red and have put the wheels in motion to change surgeries if we can be accepted.

Hubby spent the night in A&E a couple of weekends ago and when discharged was told to contact his GP to arrange a referral to a specialist. We waited until we knew our preferred GP was on duty and spent 15 minutes trying to get through to the surgery. No joy, and in the end we sent an email explaining what had happened and requesting our GP to make the necessary referral. We received a phone call to say this could not be done and we would have to call back the following day to speak to the doctor (if we could get through, sigh). They also could not forward on the email. We therefore asked if we could write a letter to our GP and were told this was acceptable, so we did and handed it in personally on July 20th around 10.30 am.


We had a phone call from the surgery today, same girl, same script, saying they had JUST OPENED a letter from us and if we wanted to talk to the doctor we would have to ring the surgery tomorrow for an appointment. We referred her to last week’s email and subsequent letter and were told such a request could only be done by speaking to the doctor, and we would have to call back tomorrow to make an appointment. We told her that it cost us a lot of money on our mobile phone to be kept waiting on hold (one call actually cost me over Β£8 when I had to cancel an appointment as Hubby had been taken into hospital) so she said she would check with her manager. She came back with an appointment for a call back by our doctor of choice for…………… …………. AUGUST 17th. We took it, absolutely furious because our letter had been addressed to our GP marked Confidential and delivered by hand on 20th July, and they had only just opened it ??????

On the way back from town this morning, we went into another surgery some 11 miles away, knowing we are actually outside their preferred catchment area, but aware that some friends here had recently changed to them. We met a very nice lady who gave us the necessary 8 pages of forms to fill in, then came home to complete them, make copies, and provide proof of our address and ID. We returned them this afternoon.
We were invited into the surgery by the same lady we’d seen in the morning, and the receptionist was on the phone. No-one was waiting. Another member of staff came out and was very chatty and a fourth came to help with identifying which side of our town we lived on as that was the dividing line for home visits. As our surgery doesn’t do home visits that we know of now, any emergency is a 111 job and trip to the UTC or A&E, so we aren’t bothered. All we want is to be able to phone a doctors surgery and get through when we need to make an appointment. Meds etc can all be done as they are now and ordered by us online, and they also have their own INR nurse.
We have been asked to ring later in the week to give them a chance to get us on their system and for a GP to review our medication needs. That is perfectly fine by us.
We are hopeful that this will be a good move for us and take a lot of the stress off us due to our current surgery’s incompetence. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks very promising.


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16 Responses to Monday Peeve: 26th July

  1. Dear me! I have had no end of problems communicating with my mother’s surgery. She is deaf and far too old (at 90) to deal with text messages. Nobody wants to talk 1:1 anymore. πŸ₯΄

    • Ours is dreadful and we thought there had been an improvement, but all they did was remove a long winded recording about Covid and replaced it with a referral to their website. Wait times on hold can be 45 to 60 minutes.

  2. I detest the system of having to phone at 8:30 for an appointment. It’s constantly engaged and when you finally get through all the appointments are gone. I used to get round it by queueing up outside the surgery at 8:10 but that hasn’t been an option since the pandemic.
    Hope you have more luck with the new surgery, it sounds a lot better so far.

    • We ring at 8, and the lines are engaged. After about 10 minutes of the engaged signal, we might get through to the first of many recordings, even telling us what number we are in the queue. Hold times can be 45 to 60 minutes, but you are lucky to get an appointment as all are taken by 8.10.
      Before Covid, people would queue up outside the surgery from 7.30 waiting for the doors to open at 8 for the sit and wait clinic. By 8.15, all
      slots were taken. We are hopeful to be accepted by the new surgery. The ladies we met today were all very nice, cheerful and efficient.
      Of course, we won’t know what their phone system is like until we try it, but surely it can’t be any worse (?).

  3. Sadje says:

    I hope you can shift to the new practice with ease.

  4. willowdot21 says:

    It’s the same all over and the service is abismal all over. I do hope this new surgery is much better….πŸ’œπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€ž

  5. Carol anne says:

    god! thats awful! And I thought our gp surgeries were bad! This really takes the biscuit! I’m glad you have a new one now! Thank goodness!

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