Moon shots!

It was a strawberry moon last night and I was hoping to get some pictures.
We walked up to the beach in the early evening to get a feel for the night and as there was no lunar orb in sight yet, decided to come back later.
Hubby got engrossed in something, as did I, and before we knew it, it was gone 11pm!
We looked out of the lounge window, and there she was!

The street lights are so glaring and intrusive here, any pictures would be wasted so we donned our fleeces and shoes and went up to the prom again. The moon was gliding up the sky and heading for some dark clouds, so I stopped at a property that had a clear line of sight without street lamps, pointed the camera, and hoped for the best.

By the time we got to the prom, the moon had disappeared, and it would be some considerable time before it was visible again.
I haven’t taken any night pictures yet so thought I’d experiment a little.
There were a fleet of trawlers n the horizon far out to sea, so I snapped a few of those, together with an interesting night sky.

The moon was not playing ball with us though so we walked home.
As we turned into our road we could see it beginning to poke through the cloud so we took a mass of photos from the lounge side window where I got my first pictures
I must have taken about 25 photos so hoped at least one or two came out.

Looking at my pictures, it was very much hit and miss. The early pictures of the moon were just a yellow blob in the sky, distorted and blurred, so no good. The ones of the trawlers were blotchy with dots on the horizon and nothing distinguishable.
My night sky was pretty good though (and the moon is there, honest!!!)

I did get some shots of the moon though.

Not brilliant, but not bad!
Cream anyone?

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20 Responses to Moon shots!

  1. Jen Goldie says:

    I like the top ones as it’s just peeping through the clouds.
    Great shots Di!
    I saw it too. From my balcony and my window! Gorgeous!

  2. Great shots, Di. I loved all of them.

  3. scifihammy says:

    I think these are great shots! And I like your dedication – to go out late at night to capture them. πŸ˜€

  4. Those came out splendidly! I ought to pay more attention to things like a strawberry moon, but it would have been moot anyway. The rain clouds were covering the sky and dumped some more moisture here overnight.

  5. murisopsis says:

    Night photos are so very difficult! I’ve never been successful… These look great – perhaps next time the moon won’t be so shy!

    • We managed some shots so I was quite pleased. The problem we have here is too many street lights, so after midnight is the best time as they go out, but I;m usually in bed!!

  6. douryeh says:

    Certainly not bad πŸ’›πŸŒ•

  7. Carol anne says:

    Lol! Great di! Glad you got to photograph the moon! So cool!

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