5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Jams

Dr Tanya hosts the Five Things Tuesday series, and today is our choice of jams.
My Mum made marmalade, not jam, and her orange and lemon mix was wonderful. I like the lime variety  too, but it is surprising just how more expensive that is compared to the basic flavours of orange or lemon, with or without ‘shreds’ of rind.
Jam is different though, for some the expensive stuff is referred to as a conserve, thicker and containing more fruit, sometimes even a touch of alcohol. Yum!!

So, my favourite five jams, in no particular order would be:

Apricot jam.
This is great for sticking the marzipan to the Christmas cake prior to icing.

Strawberry jam:
Oh wow. Memories of bread and jam……….. this being a slab of fresh warm crusty bread, a slab of butter and a huge dollop of strawberry jam. Forget the calorie counting, this was a luxury and I would contentedly wash in it!

Cherry jam.
Wonderful on toast or again crusty bread.

Blackcurrant jam.
Nice on pancakes or a jam rolypoly dessert. You can even stir it into porridge as it’s full of vitamin C so can help fight off colds in the winter months.

Finally redcurrant jelly.
I was never a fan until Mum made it, then it became a must at Christmas to go with the turkey and veg rather than the traditional cranberry jelly. It was also good to stir into rice pudding or semolina, the latter I haven’t had for years!!!

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11 Responses to 5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Jams

  1. Betul Erbasi says:

    Apricot jam is my ever favorite.

  2. murisopsis says:

    I have very fond memories of making grape jam with a friend… it was a mess but the smell and taste were heavenly. The store stuff is tasteless compared to homemade. My favorites are pumpkin butter, apricot preserves, rhubarb jam, cherry preserves, and raspberry jam. (I’d include grape jam but the vines were ripped out and my friend has moved – though I still have all the equipment should I ever have a grape source)

  3. Carol anne says:

    Yum! All great choices Di! ❤

  4. Marsha says:

    Those jams sound wonderful. Apricot is my favorite.

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