5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Bread Rolls

Today Dr Tanya is inviting us to share our favourite bread rolls.
You can find her choices and original post here

I don’t eat lot of bread these days, though it’s not something banned from my diet, and some can be classed as healthy B options, so it’s nice to indulge once in a while.

Any bread, roll or not, fresh and warm out of the oven gets my vote. The thing is, it’s not the bread that does the diet damage, but the butter I’m likely to put on it.
Now take these.
They are French Sticks, and you can get a smaller version in a baguette.
Our Saturday treat used to be a large family size of tomato soup and a french stick to dunk. That was until they ‘improved’ the recipe and it gave us both horrendous migraines. The bread’s still OK though, but not very often, especially now as Hubby can’t eat it at all yet, so it’s a baguette for me.

There is a cheese variety of soft bread rolls, which are lovely with ham and salad filling.

Do bagels count? We would put our order in for a bagel delivery to the office every day, and my favourite was cinnamon with pineapple and cream cheese filling. YUMMY!

Then you can have fruit rolls. Some people might call them buns, but they are rather nice toasted with cheese.

Finally I’ll go with croissants. Warm, light, fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth pastries, perfectly adequate on their own, though there are different varieties.  You can keep the chocolate filled ones though, not my cup of tea at all.

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9 Responses to 5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Bread Rolls

  1. murisopsis says:

    All sound delicious! I bought a whole grain cranberry walnut loaf that is delicious – just plain. Of course one slice is very filling and has a higher than normal calorie count… Still one every other day is a nice treat!

  2. Di, I wonder if they added MSG. It is a killer for my head.

    • I understand it can affect people like that. We don’t usually have a reaction as we used to have a fair bit of chinese food until I started making my own sauces. We haven’t had any tomato soup since anyway.

      • I used to go to a restaurant (pre-Covid) and I loved their ranch dressing. I finally connected headaches after eating there. They finally posted a sign by the cash register that said they used MSG in their dressing. No more dressing for me. Now I don’t eat out so no problem.

  3. Bagels definitely count and the ones you have described sound yumm.

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