Decline in Card Making

I’ve noticed for quite a while now, and not necessarily Covid related, that the basic materials for my card making are becoming more and more scarce. This includes anything that says ‘Thinking of You’ and the 4 reels of double sided tape I used to buy for a pound. Padded stuff available now leaves more sticky stuff on the cutting tool than what can be used on the item being produced, so I have had to resort to pre-cut dots, squares and pads.

On the way back from the car dealership today,  we went into The Range which was the first retailer we visited when I originally took an interest in card making way back in 2008.
That day, I spent over £60 and Hubby baulked at the checkout at my extravagance. However, the ‘ingredients’ for my new hobby worked out at being very cost effective, and has gone from strength to strength over the years.

Blank cards may not be as abundant in the 50 packs, but you can buy them in 10s, 12s or 25s with a price tag varying from £2.50 to £4.99. I personally like the scalloped edges and have those in a variety of sizes in either white or cream.

Sadly, it is the trimmings like those above that I am finding difficult to source now.
Even the pads of pretty patterned paper seem to be disappearing from the shelves, and the decoupage kits are no longer available. I have some in my box, but not that many now.

I did buy some more blank cards today so have plenty in reserve, and in thinking outside the box, bought a stencil of birds and flowers to try my hand at a different style and design, maybe attempting a stained glass effect or using pastels and coloured pencils. Free style drawing is definitely not my thing.

My current reserve box has a few cards in it, including the latest batch of Hello cards I did the other day. It will be interesting to see how my latest venture goes. I have lot of stickers and butterflies, and my Christmas stock is already purchased, so I still have something to keep me busy.


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8 Responses to Decline in Card Making

  1. Maggie says:

    Commercial cards have become so expensive here. Our craft stores now sell more cheaply made kits or poorly constructed completed items than the materials to make your own.

    • I’ve seen boxes of handmade cards for sales in some shops, and they are pretty expensive compared to some of the basic commercial cards. I have always enjoyed making mine, and the wonky bits give them a personal ‘Di charm’. I’m hoping maybe things will improve when Covid restrictions are lifted because it could be a supply issue, but the thing is, there are no gaps where the trimmings I’m after would be. Buying on line doesn’t seem to be an option either as stickers etc are ‘in store only’. I’ll work something out.

  2. I’m very glad you’re keeping your hand in. Original pretty cards are rarely seen anymore, just ugly mass-manufactured ones. I was looking for a birthday card for an elderly neighbor and couldn’t find even one that I thought was suitable. Either the message was slightly smutty, or the artwork was so poor that it sickened me. I hope you continue to do your hobby. Your efforts are so beautiful and unique!

    • Thank you. Naff verses or crappy artwork put me off which is why I’ve been making them for so long. I like them to be pretty but not fussy, and although I have fancy papers, sadly not all of them go together!

  3. murisopsis says:

    Your cards are beautiful. My mother has taken to making her own cards now. She cuts “petals” from colored/patterned paper and makes her own flowers…She scavenges paper from everything! I believe the last birthday card Sparky got had flowers cut from a Kleenex tissue box!

  4. Carol anne says:

    seems everything is getting much harder to get nowadays, its crazy, glad you’ve got some stuff in reserve!

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