The waiting game

It doesn’t matter how good the coffee is, having to wait over three hours for the car today was not impressive.

Last week for their diagnostic diagnosis we arrived almost an hour early to allow the car to ‘cool’ so that they could begin their check at our appointment time of 9am. Ha! They didn’t start until 10, but at least we had a TV to watch and coffee to have. We got the car back after 11, although it was nicely valeted inside and out and said goodbye to £102.
Today we arrived about 20 minutes early for our 2pm appointment and were still waiting at 4.  No TV this time, and the coffee machine ran out of whitener. Latte, Cappuccino and chocolate are not nice black.
We chased them up twice, telling a porkie about having an appointment at 5.10, but still didn’t get the car back until 4.45, even though we passed on the valet. Our bill today was another £362. Interesting conversations were overheard though,  like £137.32 for a tyre and the guy needed three, and another guy had a sensor go like we had but was looking at a bill of around £600 as it was a different model to ours. Two other people came in to collect their vehicles which weren’t ready either, and they were not happy!!
I wanted to go to the bank to use their outside cash machine for statements as I knew they’d be closed, but that wasn’t really the point. The girl on the desk seemed to think we’d manage the 23 miles in 20 minutes in heavy bank holiday weekend traffic.  Beam me up Scottie would have been very useful. We actually got there at 5.25 so had the appointment been legit, we would have been late.

We got our month’s supply of UHT milk, plus some tinned peaches (hurrah) and rice pudding. I also replaced my pan, buying a milk pan as well. Both are non stick with a heavy metal base and guaranteed for 10 years.

It was after 7pm before we got home, so Hubby had some soup and I had cheese and crackers as it had been 7 hours since we’d eaten.
Trying to catch up with stuff now, but I think the day is catching up with us first!


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12 Responses to The waiting game

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I am astonished at the contrast in your dealership experience this week to last, it sound appalling. So glad your home safe…. Hope you are asleep 😘

  2. murisopsis says:

    Wow. This makes my car repair experience sound lovely!! Is this a dealership? My car was due for maintenance and I got there in plenty of time. They said it would take one hour. It took 2 but I was able to walk to the store across the parking lot and then to the frozen yogurt shop right there. Made the 2 hour wait fly by…

    • Sadly yes, and it was a specialised repair so our local garage couldn’t do it. When we bought the car, we had the first three years servicing included, but had to travel to the dealership for it. That wasn’t so much a problem although it was the same distance or thereabouts as this one is. However, they were better organised and we didn’t have to wait as long as this. It has certainly put us off considering another Hyundai.

  3. Liz says:

    What a drag. That wasn’t good service.

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