The Monday Peeve 8th March

Paula has this blog series called The Monday Peeve where we can vent, rant and rave about things that piss us off.

This is my opinion. I have not felt this much animosity or anger against anyone for decades, and even that now pales into insignificance.
I did not watch it, did not want to watch it and did not want to hear about it.
I do not want to read about them, I do not feel sorry for them, and I have no time for them.
You could say I’m being hypocritical for voicing an opinion on something I haven’t seen regarding people I have never met (nor do I want to, EVER), but I’m allowed.
And as for the interviewer who once held my respect, that’s now gone out of the window.
We tuned in to the radio this morning and was swamped with snippets of yesterday’s transmission.
To me, this is the utmost in family betrayal, vindictiveness and spite because two disgruntled and privileged individuals did not get their own way.
WTF did she expect when she signed on? She was obviously a very poor choice for the job and cannot stand up to pressure (what’s that bit with the red carpet???) This was a life changing decision, not a poxy third rate TV role.
She has played every card in the book here trying to present herself as the injured party. And her child not being given a title? Tough. What did she want? King?? Get a dog. There are first generation grandchildren without titles and you don’t hear them moan.
No sense of duty. They both walked away, but expected to retain the perks of ‘the job’.
She obviously had no idea as to protocol, loyalty, and procedure. It went against the grain that she could not do what she wanted, when she wanted, and with whom she wanted.
She had the world at her feet, had been welcomed into one of the most prestigious families in the world, a prominent member of which gave her away at her wedding, which as it turns out was an action replay but with more trimmings and attention.
But it wasn’t enough.
Her ego blew it to smithereens, and her sycophantic spouse is no better. At least a former girlfriend had the sense to realise she would not pass muster if they married. Recognizing  her own faults, she knew her limitations, and walked away.
Can you imagine what would happen if these two became Heads of State?
‘Off with their heads!’ comes to mind, and that is not a fairy tale.
As for our interviewer……. tread carefully. You will be dumped and bitched about if you step out of line and are no longer a platform for their whinging.

I sincerely hope these ‘revelations’ backfire on them.
They want a private life? Buy a bloody island and live there in isolation, or exile. You pick.

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17 Responses to The Monday Peeve 8th March

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    And if they want a private life, this interview — and the MASSIVE audience it generated, was hardly the way to do it. They will now be picked apart in every magazine, newspaper and tacky tabloid article, in blogs, on social media and on every News, entertainment and gossip website, TV and radio show known to man. And they asked for it! No sympathy here either.

  2. Um, being a ‘colonist or Yank or whatever) I’m clueless. I’m glad too. I presume this is about some Royals getting in some kind of snit over entitlement? Well I hate to say it, but from this side of the pond (for some of us) who gives a shit? I’m sorry you were potentially exposed to that kind of garbage. People with taste and with no entitlement deserve better ‘leadership’ but its damned rare we get it hmmm? I hope a brisk walk along the beach and some fresh air can blow the nasty residuals of that mess out of your mind. It’s going to be Spring soon. Us “plebs’ will enjoy it more than those entitled assholes in their ivory towers EVER will, and ain’t that a blessing though? Regards to Geraldine the Golden!

    • Thanks Melanie. I felt better getting it out of my system and will be glad when the media finds something more worthy to report.
      Geraldine is growing more glamorous. Will let you know of any golden eggs!!

  3. Paula Light says:

    Even though I believe M is treated unfairly by both the press and the family (while they protect that ass Andrew), it’s really hard to care. How could she not have known how they were? I’m sorry that she felt suicidal in a palace, and felt she had no resources, as many people not in a palace experience every day. And I’ve never cared much for Harry since he thought it was funny to dress up as a Nazi. Yeah, hilarious. But the main point is they left to get away from the press and the pressure, so why then are they constantly demanding attention in the media NOW??? Ugh

  4. willowdot21 says:

    It’s history repeating itself . Edward and Mrs Simpson. 😯💜

  5. aguycalledbloke says:

    Well, you hide your emotions on the subject well Di – l haven’t got a clue how you feel about it all …………………….. 🙂

    I couldn’t be bothered to watch the full interview, there have been snippets and l have seen a couple, l don’t have any feelings either way. i have never been a royalist. Growing up in Australia saw pay to that … and l have seen any point to the royal family anway. l found some things interesting. Like the skin colour ‘concern’, well in truth that sounds like something Andrew would say … he is quite clueless with regards certain topics and especially ‘racism’ but that is to be found in some of the royals sadly.

    Harry is coming across as a love bound puppy, and both are coming across as power hungry and media frenzied. If Meghan suffered depression … where was the support from her hubby as he is spouting off about, a, b and c. But all l am seeing throughout our lives daily during the panxdemic especially is the self centredness of people and more so from celebrities and now certain royals too.

    • Oh, with you on all counts Rory.
      The skin colour is something a child would be inquisitive about, and I wonder if her sister asked a similar question when MM was on the way.
      I am not usually like this, but this particular couple really put my back up and I am sick of reading about them. They had it all but it wasn’t enough, and although not a royalist, I feel for our Queen, William, and even Charles. They come across as two of the most self centred, pathetic whingers of their generation and I wish they would just go away.

      • aguycalledbloke says:

        Yes, l feel for the three you have mentioned also. I saw that Harry and Meghan went to great lengths to say Q was not to blame, but how are they to think how something like this will affect the Queen ? I mean what on earth is their thinking?

        But then let’s not forget that MM is an actress, she knows how to act .. l think she is just feeding into this like some troll.

        Bad business for all concerned.

  6. Carol anne says:

    Lol good for you voicing an opinion Di! I did only watch half an hour of it, I was too tired and to be honest it was shit anyway. xoxo

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