Diabetes check 10th February

All went surprisingly well and I saw the nice nurse who deals with Hubby’s INR.
As I said yesterday, judging by the colour of my pee sample, I am well hydrated, but get this, they don’t test it at the surgery any more, it goes to the hospital!

I got on the scales and my weight was half a kilo more than when I weighed myself first thing, so bearing in mind I was fully dressed AND wearing heavy trainers, I was a happy bunny!! Notes duly made on file about being fully clothed. Hurrah!!
I have grown half an inch since my last check up!! Brilliant………. well not really, as I was still wearing my trainers.
BP was great, so no worries there, then we had a very in depth discussion about feet.

These are not mine, though Hubby did once paint smiley faces on my toe nails when I was alseep on the settee.

I hate feet, including my own, and anything to do with them (or eyeballs) is enough to send shivers down my spine. I wrote a post years ago about hairy toesΒ and circulation. Luckily I am still good for both, and apart from the occasional itchiness which is usually down to loose threads in my socks, I have no issues, plus I can still cut my own toe nails.
We agreed it was daft that the nurses could touch arms for taking bood and BP, but couldn’t touch feet for a diabetes check.

Blood was the final thing, and for once my veins didn’t run for cover. In fact, she said I had good veins, and it was all over and done with in seconds. My blood is enough to make any vampire drool, it is lovely and clingy and such a good vintage colour.
I mentioned my cholesterol level may be higher than they’d like, but to save time later with the inevitable conversation that follows, said I wouldn’t take statins. It had taken me over 20 years to get my body working properly and I wasn’t going to muck it up with medication for someone’s tick chart I didn’t think I’d need as I was doing so well controlling everything by diet. She said fair enough, and my last blood test showed no cause for concern bearing in mind everything else (probably because it had come down from the previous one).

So my pee and blood got sent off to the hospital for analysis, and if I don’t hear anthing, all is well. Basically, our lovely nurse said she could see no problems and she was very happy with everything she’d done.

Next check up will be in a year…………….. if they remember. This one was booked through the ‘back door’ at Hubby’s INR appointment following the receptionist’s error last year in saying checkups were cancelled.
What with that and a good eye check last week, I’m doing OK.


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9 Responses to Diabetes check 10th February

  1. Congratulations. It sounds as if you’re right on target and doing well! I am envious. My own diabetes is out of control, and since (it’s a private theory, not scientifically supported) I don’t have ‘typical’ diabetes, it probably never will be controlled as the doctors wish. I hope that there is some industrious researcher out there studying the spectrum of diabetes manifestations and that a cure or at least a way to control the numbers for my type of diabetes is found in my lifetime, but I’m not hopeful. Doctors by and large seem to be caught in a ‘this is how diabetes ALWAYS is and this is how you treat diabetes” box that doesn’t allow for metabolic differences in people, genetic differences in people, and a raft of other differences that make (to me anyway) diabetes a very multi-faceted and complex condition. I have a cousin who exhibits his diabetic symptoms in much the same way that I do, and that only supports my theory that there is a spectrum of diabetes manifestations. It’s not black and white, as the medical community seems to continue to believe. I’m always encouraged though, by reading posts such as yours, where someone has found the correct formula to help with their diabetes, whether it’s ‘pre’ or it’s made itself at home.

    • I was diagnosed as borderline type two in 2011. I have managed to control it by diet and no medication, though losing 40bs in weight has definitely helped (plus of course we found Humphrey and later Dick). Everyone is different, and if only the ‘experts’ appreciated that and took people on a one for one basis instead of a universal tick box, I truly believe progress could be made. I also think the medical profession rely too much on tick boxes and basically don’t know how to treat those that don’t ‘fit’.

  2. murisopsis says:

    I’m with you on the statins! Glad that everything is looking good and I hope the blood and urine reports are not a cause for concern!!

  3. Carol anne says:

    Awesome it went so well Di! I am really pleased for you that your doing so well! ❀

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