Book Review :The Other Girl Erica Spindler

I had certainly not anticipated doing another book review quite so soon, but when you’re sitting waiting in a car park and there’s nothing much else to do, well I got stuck in.
Looking at the list of other books by Ms Spindler, there are only four others besides this one that I hadn’t read.  I only started it a couple of nights ago, and the chapters are quite short, so it was easy reading.

There are two stories, one of fifteen years ago and the other present day. The connection is our leading lady, Miranda Rader, a girl born on the wrong side of the tracks who got into trouble in her teens and did time in juvie, then made it good as a cop in later years.

The older story doesn’t share equal pages but is relevant because the first murder victim brings the past to the present when a faded newspaper clipping is found at the scene.
The victim is a popular school professor who seems to have everything going for him, so the brutal rage of his demise doesn’t make sense.
Later, another man is murdered, again connected to Miranda’s past and the hunt is on to find the killer.

The plot ducks and dives with evidence pointing towards Miranda as the murderer so that she is suspended from the case. It boils down to who she can trust, who are her friends, and who are covering up not only the past, but protecting the status of the deceased’s family.
There’s a love interest and a throwaway red herring of about two sentences which isn’t explored or explained. There is also the repetition on three occasions of a particular phrase which I found distracting, but overall, the story wasn’t bad.

Not as good as her earlier stuff IMO, some of which did have me glued to the pages and not wanting to put it down. This didn’t tax my brain too much, I got a feeling for who was the guilty party, and the ending was just a tad too cliche for me.
Saying that though, I’d give it between and, mainly because I thought several of her previous books were better.

Now I’ve got to find something else to read!

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  1. Carol anne says:

    I havent ever read anything by this author, but i do have some of her books. I may read some some time! So many great books to read! xo

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