My syns will count me out

Pity the diet text in wasn’t today as I could have reported a loss of half a pound.
Anyway, my sweet tooth has been calling me, and I have been fighting temptation.
Hubby has kindly eaten nearly all of the choccy bars which have 9½ syns each, and we only have three packs of shortbread fingers left, each finger attracting 4½ syns. With up to 15 sys allowed every day, having one of each would practically blow my allowance.
The question of course is what to have that will not sabotage my efforts and satisfy my craving for sugar.
How about some of this?
I treated myself to a box of turkish delight (non chocolate variety) for Christmas and hadn’t opened it…………. until yesterday when Hubby said he fancied something sweet that was not chocolate covered.
Before opening the box, I looked up the syn value, and each square equates to 3 syns. So I had two squares as did Hubby, then put the box on top of the fridge which is out of my immediate line of sight, having written 3 SYNS PER SQUARE on the lid.
My total syns yesterday were 13½ as I had my sugar fix first, thus reducing the remainder allowed to 9. Pre Slimming World, the entire box would have been devoured, mainly by me, but having moved them out of the way, I’ve survived to have another fix today.
My syn count so far stands at 12, three of which was 1 turkish delight square and a huge 6 for a bag of sweet and salty popcorn (also bought for Christmas) whilst watching an old DVD favourite called The Cutting Edge starring D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly.

Swings and roundabouts. I can have more or less what I fancy, at a price. At least being a target member I can have an additional 15 syns a day two or three times a week to help maintain my weight. I only did that once last week. Maybe that was my sock moment, so this week it will be 15 syns or less every day.


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10 Responses to My syns will count me out

  1. Had to Google Syn. Your post makes a lot more sense now lol And my hubby ate all my Christmas chocolate…which sucks, but is probably for the best haha

  2. Sadje says:

    You’re doing so well. I’ve fallen off the wagon and I make a daily resolve to start again! But…..

    • I know what you mean Sadje. It’s hard going at the moment as I’ve got lazy counting syns, so they mounted up. I’ve got back into the habit of checking syn values before opening packets or putting goodies in my mouth!!

  3. Carol anne says:

    I understand your dilemma! being sweet toothed, its really hard, but this week I’ve been very good! Not even using my allotted sins each day! Hopefully I’ve done enough!

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