Song Lyric Sunday 10th January 2021

Jim’s challenge this week is MA as the prompt, and you must feature a song whose title must start with the letter M or A.
My choice this week is the Bee Gees classic Massachusetts, so do I get double points for my song beginning with M and A?? No, never mind.
I had the album Horizontal many years ago (I was 12).  Enjoy this live version.
Sadly Barry is the only Gibb brother left, but their music will live forever.

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“Massachusetts” is a 1967 Baroque pop and folk rock song written by the Bee Gees, released in 1968 on the album Horizontal.
The thing of it, though, is that the Gibb brothers did not initially write the song for themselves. They were trying to sell it to The Seekers, the first Australian pop quartet to have major chart and sales success in the U.K. and U.S. (including their smash hit “Georgy Girl”). When they got to London, the Gibbs were not able to make a deal with The Seekers, so they recorded the song themselves.

[Verse 1]
Feel I’m going back to Massachusetts
Something’s telling me I must go home

And the lights all went out down in Massachusetts
The day I left her standing on her own

[Verse 2]
Tried to hitch a ride to San Francisco
Gotta do the things I wanna do

[Chorus 2]
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
They brought me back to see my way with you

[Verse 3]
Talk about the life in Massachusetts
Speak about the people I have seen

[Chorus 3]
And the lights all went down in Massachusetts
And Massachusetts is one place I have seen

(I will remember Massachusetts)
I will remember Massachusetts
(I will remember Massachusetts)
I will remember Massachusetts
(I will remember Massachusetts)
I will remember Massachusetts

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11 Responses to Song Lyric Sunday 10th January 2021

  1. willowdot21 says:

    Such a beautiful song, live it ….but do remember the Massive toothis interview that Kenny Everet did?

  2. John Holton says:

    Wonderful song. Seeing them as in the clip here helps connect with the lyrics better…

  3. Great choice Di. The Bee Gees had never actually been to Massachusetts when they recorded this song, but they just liked the sound of the name and thought it was a magical place.

  4. I LOVE that song ❤ ❤ It is sad that Barry is the only one left, but you're right. For my generation, their music will be eternal! They had a lot of influence on that era! The song you chose though, was prior to the disco type sound the Bee Gees were known for later in their careers. And to me? Massachusetts is one of their best songs!!

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