Have they finally admitted that the SHTF?

BoJo addressed the nation tonight and we are now in full lockdown…………. ish.Ports, ferries, airports and the Channel Tunnel are still open, but we, the public, are told to stay at home, work from home, keep our kids at home (finally) and not go out unless for essential shopping, exercise, medical care/appointments or to avoid domestic abuse.

Matt Hancock is saying it is the public’s fault that the new variant has got out of control.
Yeah…….. but who were the blithering idiots giving the infected time to flee the capital and large cities taking the bloody virus with them to all and sundry they came in contact with.

A big fat promise that the vaccine will be rolled out to the four priority groups before the end of February. Well, that ain’t us, but it had better well include those on the front line administering the vaccine as we understood that our lovely medical INR team at the doctor’s surgery are not allowed it!

S h 1 t comes in various guises.
Dung, manure, muck, cess, bull, and most politicians.

The population of the UK is going to be even more up in arms about this.
And the wan*ers will still be out denying the virus exists.

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10 Responses to Have they finally admitted that the SHTF?

  1. murisopsis says:

    I can completely sympathize. Out denier in chief, aka tRump, has been the leading idiot in dividing the country into those who care and those who don’t believe the virus exists (or if it does it isn’t worse than the flu, or if it is worse than the flu there are drugs that will cure you, but only if you are rich enough, and besides there is a vaccine that we will all get…). Anyway I wish we were in a position to get the vaccine deployed to everyone ASAP. Instead I’m waiting.

    • We’ve contacted our MP again, and the reply said a hub was planned for our town. Hm, no mention of where exactly or a date though. We might be lucky to get the vaccine after the Summer, even if we have to travel for it.

  2. OMG I feel your frustration.

  3. Maggie says:

    Our advisements have been in place locally for a while, but it is so hard to fight this thing when the people leading the government do not care one iota. Vaccines are to be administered to the second group starting this week from what I have read. We will be in the group that follows next. So many people continue to treat this as a joke and the world suffers because of it.

    • Know where you’re coming from Maggie. We won’t get the vaccine until the Summer, but our GP surgery is not participating in the rollout, so again we have gone to our MP. We aren’t happy with the response as it tells us nothing other than a vague promise of a hub here.

  4. Carol anne says:

    well, the denyers, the bullshitters, they’re all so wrong! Bojo is such an idiot! He should’ve done this sooner! To stop the spread!

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