Bubble and Squeak

As promised, here is our lunch today, which consisted of cold meat (turkey, chicken, gammon), pigs in blankets (cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon), stuffing balls, and the Brit’s infamous bubble and squeak.

I did mine as a huge pancake today as it was easier than faffing about with little rounds that are a pain to turn over with utensils that basically are useless. The good thing with this is I could flip it.

Our bubble and squeak contained chopped boiled and roast potatoes, sprouts (yes, we are very fragrant and having a competition), green beans, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.
I made up a small amount of instant mash (quick, easy and always a good standby in the cupboard), then added the leftovers and mixed them altogether.
I sprayed a little oil in the frying pan, and tipped the mix in, patting it down to the edges, cooking on a highish heat (my hob rings go up to 6 on the dial and this was 5).

I sprayed the top with a little oil and flipped it after about 8 minutes. It was doing well!
I turned the heat down to 3 after five minutes, and flipped it another couple of times to make sure it was hot all the way through.

I turned it onto a plate to cut it up as getting it out of the pan always results in a mess because of the wooden spatulas I have that simply are not up to the job. We had half to start with, and this was what was left on the plate.
So, here are our dinners:

Ah, but I forgot the most important thing on mine


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29 Responses to Bubble and Squeak

  1. fransiweinstein says:


  2. willowdot21 says:

    We had bubble and squeak too, with beef and pickle and left over Yorkshire pudding.😀💜💜

  3. quiall says:

    I grew up on Bubble and Squeak! Loved it. Also Toad in the Hole, Bangers and Mash . . . Sigh, good memories.

  4. SarahC says:

    Wow learned something new never heard of bubble and squeak 😀

  5. Oh WoW! Quite the feast fit for a King and Queen! Now what is “Branson’s?” And what are stuffing balls? I’m presuming stuffing balls are balls made of stuffing…left over or fresh? And the bubble and squeak? Okay, I think I get the ‘squeak’ part (the tooting that might result from eating all those cruciforus vegetables) but bubble? It looks like what I would call a veggie omelet, without the eggs! Maybe what I’d call frittata? Whatever you call it, it all looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing the visual with us across the pond! ❤

    • Stuffing balls are breadcrumbs and grated onions with sage seasoning, mixed to a ‘dough’ with hot water, rolled into balls and then baked in the oven. No eggs in the bubble and squeak (apparently so called because of the noise it makes when cooking sometimes)
      Branson’s is the pickle relish. Very British!!

  6. murisopsis says:

    Looks really tasty – except for the Branson’s!

  7. Ian Kay says:

    It may be a regional tradition, Di, but we would have Piccalilli with ours. This year, with home deliveries, we forgot to order any Piccalilli. 😬
    Now I would cook it in a pan too but my wife bakes it in the oven. It turns out more or less the same.

    • Hi Ian. Tradition used to have piccalilli and red cabbage available too, and my Dad loved pickled walnuts, but we don’t like any of those, Depending on how much I’m making will determine whether I do it in the pan as one big slab or individual rounds, but if I was cooking for a large family, I’d do it in the oven too. It’s easier to crisp on both sides as a pancake for the two of us as I’m a pretty good flipper!!

  8. Cathy Cade says:

    Love my bubble – one of the downsides of not cooking our own Christmas dinner this year is no bubble and squeak on Boxing Day (although I will have tomorow as roasting today). Mine just gets stirred around in a mound and spooned onto the plate – you get more crunchy bits that way.

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  10. Geri Lawhon says:

    Never heard of bubble and squeak, but it sounds like it is worth a try.

  11. Carol anne says:

    Yummy it sounds so delicious! I love it! Its one of my favourite dishes! 🙂

  12. Ricettiamoinsiemecucinando says:


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