A couple of headline snippets

As everyone in the UK is aware, trying to obtain practical PPE is difficult here. Hubby prefers FFP3 /P98 masks as it provides 98% protection against contagions, but has been unable to get any for months. The one-use disposable items are available to the public to comply with the rules of ‘masking up’, but

The enduring image of the COVID-19 outbreak is of scores of people wearing surgical masks which cover their mouth and nose.

The masks are made out of a disposable fabric such as tissue, and experts state they are ineffective at filtering out the small particles which carry the virus.

Dr Nathalie MacDermott, a clinical lecturer at King’s College London, said the masks offer both insufficient protection and deteriorate quickly.”
(source What is an FFP3 mask)

The normal suppliers, for example Screwfix or Tool Station,  have deliveries but ALL are diverted to the NHS on receipt as they take priority. We are not knocking that.
I read this today:
“Retailers are warning a logjam at the country’s biggest container port could result in product shortages this Christmas, as it emerged 11,000 containers of government-procured PPE is clogging up Felixstowe.” (source)

Eleven thousand containers containing vital medical PPE.
Will somebody in the Health Department PLEASE get their finger out and get this sorted? And it is nothing to do with Christmas!
In contrast, I also read this………….. warning: Rant.

Meghan Markle ‘wouldn’t want to come back to royal life’ after gaining freedom (source)

Now whether you believe these reports or just see them as sensationalist headlines is up to you, but anything to do with this female automatically puts my back up now.
This is my opinion.

In the beginning, she had many UK citizens practically eating out of her hand, myself included, feeling sorry for her because of her abysmal family trying to cash in on her good fortune of landing a Prince.
She had the big wedding,  the popularity, all the attention she craved, then a baby on the way which would normally be welcomed with great joy, except the way they announced it …. on Princess Eugenie’s wedding day. How selfish.

Megga pictures of a pregnant MM always holding (emphasising) her bump as if no-one else had ever been pregnant in the world.
Baby Archie comes along and they delay the announcement to give themselves some ‘private time as new parents’ (OK I can buy that)
before a photo call. She then releases photos of her son, which incidentally are pretty rubbish IMO.

Suddenly, she doesn’t want the responsibility of being a Senior Royal and it is announced to the world with no respect for our Queen or protocol that she and Harry are stepping down and moving to Canada.
She bleats about wanting privacy, then her fissog is all over the tabloids
with Harry meekly in her wake. She whined that nobody liked her, nobody cared about her, and nobody looked after her.  There were upsets within the household and staff were either fired or left because they couldn’t work with her. According to the Sun (source), nine members of staff have quit, including private assistants and 2 nannies, since she became the Duchess of Sussex.
She expected everyone to wait on her more like, without having to work for the privilege of her new standing.

She (and Baby Archie apparently) are suing a photo agency for invasion of privacy.
She has asked for a delay in the court case against her father over a private letter.
Harry has lost his status in the army and all the trimmings that went with it. She’s unhappy about that. Not half as unhappy as he is, but he won’t say so.

Now we have this.
Well girlie, I’ve got news for you. Most of the British Public don’t want you back and some want you both stripped of your titles. You do not deserve to be a Duchess and have no idea how to conduct yourself other than on a film set.
Rant over.


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13 Responses to A couple of headline snippets

  1. willowdot21 says:

    All very interesting Di💜

  2. The way you describe it, your Meghan is very much like our Donald (who is being booted out) and his Melania. Perhaps they should all find somewhere they can feed off each other.

    Hope you’re able to get your masks. I know we had difficulty back in February and March, but now we have a good supply of any kind of mask anyone wants.

    • Pleased to say she is not ‘Our Meghan’ as she didn’t get British Citizenship even though she married our Prince Harry.
      It would make good ‘reality’ TV though if they were all deposited on an island for the TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here’ which is very popular over here (I haven’t seen a single episode as it doesn’t appeal, nor any other reality show actually).
      As for masks, we can get the disposable kind and there are a lot of ‘pretty’ ones on the market, but not the FFP3 ones that Hubby refers.
      Keep safe.

  3. Your rant is very interesting to me because I don’t know much about the Queen and the royal family and I certainly don’t know how it is to live under that sort of rule. It is interesting to hear someone, besides a US citizen, talk about honoring the royal family and seeing what MM and her hubby did as disgusting. I enjoy learning now, as an adult, about other countries, as I wasn’t interested as a teen in school. I don’t know if that attitude is just a US attitude that many young people have or if other teens in other countries feel the same about learning about countries other than their own. It is a shame that the “importance” of learning about other countries can be as simple as understanding other people.

    • I have a lot of respect for our Queen, and think the way they went about their announcements were self serving and not in keeping with Royal Protocol. I gave MM the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, but my opinion of her has plummeted beyond rock bottom and I feel Harry has made a huge mistake. I see her as a limelight grabbing diva who whines if she doesn’t get her own way. It’s a long time since someone’s persona has aggravated me so much, and now I bristle every time I see her name.

      • I have heard similar opinions. My stepmother is French Canadian and follows the Royal Family quite closely. She absolutely loved Diana. There is a book store that David and I go to every so often which is also a restaurant. The books on the restaurant level are free to patrons. You can pick three per person eating. One of the first times we went I found a beautiful book about Diana. We went last night and I found a few books to see about. It is my favorite restaurant!

      • You can tell William is Diana’s son.

  4. murisopsis says:

    wow. I do hope the PPE can be distributed sooner rather than later. As for MM – I’m sick of hearing about her.

  5. Carol anne says:

    Wow! I didn’t know all that about megan! I never liked her. xo

    • Latest headline is she co-operated with their book writers after denying it, and now is saying royal aides helped her write That Letter to her father. Seems like she’s forgetting her lines, I have no time for her or Harry now. 😦

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